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Is Social Media a Threat to Your Home Security?

Guard Your Family From This Sneaky Criminal Behavior

The average U.S. adult spends roughly 2.5 hours per day on social media networks. Global reports reveal that almost half of the world’s population participates in social media.

The platforms we use, including Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, LinkedIn and others, were designed to be enjoyable. We can catch up with friends and family, follow their life and travel adventures, and instantly interact. The problem is, that same information we intend for family and friends to see is not always as private as we expect. Your cleverly captioned travel photos could find their way into the hands of neighborhood criminals, who now know that you’ve left your home unoccupied. How will your smart home security mitigate these and other safety risks? And how can Lowitt Alarms help? Learn more about both here.

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Social Media Shows All

Criminals, especially thieves, could be your closest social media followers. As soon as you check in at the airport, their ears might perk up. You might innocently accept a few random friend requests and share details about an upcoming trip.

Something else to consider: Social media posts cancel out more traditional security measures, like leaving a couple of cars parked outside and turning all the lights on in the house. Not only are those dead giveaways for a career criminal, but seasoned thieves can also call your bluff just by visiting your page and seeing that, though it looks as though you’re home, you really went to Florida for the winter.

How Home Security Protects You

Even if you adhere to social media precautions, such as only adding people you know and setting your privacy to “Private,” or even turning your location features off, there’s no guarantee your home will stay safe. Lowitt Alarm’s smart home security systems are built with even the most unpredictable events in mind.

What happens if a criminal approaches your home? If you’ve invested in smart home security, occupancy sensors will send you a notification as soon as someone unfamiliar enters through a door or comes through a window. You can customize your alarm system to sound automatically in this instance.

For more preventative measures, create custom alerts for when you forget to lock the front door or set your alarm, and then make those changes directly from your app. You can also maintain peace of mind that our award-winning monitoring team is accessible 24/7 for all your security needs. We reinforce your alarm and security systems with a cellular backup, ensuring there’s never a coverage gap when you need our service the most.

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