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What Are the Biggest Myths About Burglary Prevention?

Don’t Let Common Misconceptions Put Your Family at Risk

Reinforcing your burglary protection should be a priority for your home, but it can be difficult for families to know where to start. Even the best-meaning homeowners often choose the wrong security systems based on common burglary myths. Without really understanding the threats you face, how are you supposed to protect yourself efficiently? As your local security company, we’re here to help. You can learn more about the most common myths below and consult with one of our security professionals to provide you the custom solution that is right for your needs.

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You Need to Protect Yourself at Night

Most thieves will only break in when they are sure no one is there. They’ll scope out your property and learn your routine; then they’ll enter while you’re away.

Locking all your doors and setting your alarm before you leave—even when in a hurry—is vital. Leave your home knowing you checked off all the boxes with a security app that shows you the status of locks and alarms and lets you make any necessary changes, even if you’re not at home.

Your Windows Are Your Weakest Point

Even though we certainly recommend adding window sensors to prevent break-ins through windows, it’s not usually a burglar’s primary method of home entry.

As we mentioned earlier, thieves want to go undetected, and nothing screams out for attention more than the crash of broken glass. Very few of them will attempt this; instead, they'll try for an open door or attempt to pick simple door locks. To prevent this, you can upgrade to smart locks that send out alerts whenever they’re tampered with, so you know as soon as there’s an attempted entry.

Crime Watch Groups Will Protect You

Many homeowners feel protected by their local neighborhood watch. But studies show break-ins often take less than ten minutes, which makes it unlikely that any well-meaning neighbors will catch a thief in the act.

For the ultimate burglary protection, we recommend professional monitoring, backed by 24/7 operators who respond instantly whenever your alarm is set off. Our emergency management experts can get responders immediately dispatched to your home.

You Will Only Be Burglarized Once

Perhaps the most dangerous myth is the idea that your home is only likely to be burglarized once. Having just gone through a break-in, it makes sense to think thieves will move on the next home on their list. In fact, many criminals will purposely go back and burglarize a home within a short period.

Since they already know many of its vulnerabilities and where valuable items are located, it’s an easier job for them. They’ll even pay attention and wait for you to replace expensive items so they can steal them again. Once you’re a victim of theft, it's crucial that you immediately take precautionary measures to keep it from happening again.

To truly protect your space, you need a security solution tailored to your family’s unique needs. For a free consultation, call us at 516-433-6960 or contact us for more information