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Will Your Home Security Monitoring Protect You This Season?

3 Ways Lowitt Alarms Reinforces Security During Your Holiday Travels

It’s already that time of year where we’re all securing our travel plans for the holidays. Whether you’re venturing near or far to see family and friends, you know that this season won’t be stressful with a Lowitt Security system installed.

With an expertly installed home security monitoring system in place, you don’t have to worry while you’re away. The last thing you want is to be asking yourself nagging questions while on vacation - from how to protect your entryways or how to deal with the possibilities of frozen pipes, porch pirates or fires. Lowitt takes the most comprehensive approach to securing your New York home while you are away.

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What If You Forget That Someone Without A Key Needs Access?

Most people have endured that frightening moment in which they’re about to board their plane but can’t stop obsessing about what’s happening at home.

Eliminate that worry with remote door locks that you can access anywhere. Lowitt’s remote management app also comes in handy when letting people into your home: maybe you have an unexpected visitor, or someone you forgot was supposed to come in, like your housekeeper or dog sitter. You can also grant regular visitors a code and revoke it for any reason.

What If Your Pipes Freeze?

It’s not an uncommon scenario in our area: we get hit by an unexpected cold snap, and you aren’t home to run your faucet. Lowitt offers a water leak detector with a built-in freeze and temperature monitor. As soon as the system detects either a temperature cold enough to freeze the pipe or a water leak, your detector can notify us to send help immediately.

How Can You Manage a Burglary Situation?

Thieves love to take advantage of people all season, especially unwary travelers receiving a steady stream of holiday packages. Connected motion sensors and alarms can stop intruders in their tracks. If anything suspicious still happens, Our systems inform our monitoring center immediately, and we notify you so that you can decide whether or not we should call law enforcement.

What About a Fire?

Every 24 seconds, a U.S. fire department responds to an emergency somewhere in the nation. It can happen to anyone: maybe your house sitter lit a candle or left the stove on, and now your kitchen is on fire.

No one wants to come back from a holiday celebration to a fire-damaged home. Lowitt has structured the most comprehensive fire safety protection available.

Plus, our home security monitoring is backed by our 5 Diamond Certified central monitoring station, meaning your system instantly alerts us so we can send the necessary law enforcement to your home. As you can see, our multi-pronged approach to your fire safety hinges on the flawlessly executed plans and takes care of you.

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