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Featured Solutions


Total Connect

Put peace of mind in the palm of your hand with the ability to turn your system on and off remotely, using a mobile device. Whether a door has been opened, a valuable has been moved or a flood has been detected, Total Connect can tell you! Know when kids come home from school or leave the house, check on the babysitter, and know if a loved one needs help. All you need is your laptop or mobile phone to stay in the know and stay in control. Connect to what matters most.

Real-Time Alerts

Specify the exact events you want to know about and when they occur, you’ll receive emails, text messages or other alerts in real-time. Checking on the kids is as easy as checking your e-mail.

Backup Radio

Lowitt Alarms backup radio solutions provide uninterrupted security protection for your home or business. If your phone line goes down, either due to an outage or being cut by an intruder, a Lowitt Alarms backup radio solution is there to keep you protected. Our backup radio solution automatically sends signals to our central monitoring station via cellular backup technology in the event of an alarm or fire condition. Many other alarm service providers and DIY companies do not offer this service meaning that your alarm system will be compromised if the WiFi or power goes down. Wireless monitoring is ideal for places where phone line access is limited and your wireless connectivity is spotty.

Lowitt Alarms’ Service Plan Plus

No need to worry about costly service repairs. When you enroll in Lowitt Alarms’ Service Agreement, normal repair costs will be included. These include: fast and reliable service, parts and labor coverage, a free annual tune-up and ongoing tests to our central station. So please call us today and start enjoying service you can rely on.