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Why Lowitt

How do you choose an alarm company? The technology and services it provides? Its certifications and credentials? Or maybe the company’s reputation and experience. These are all very important.

Our Lowitt Alarms security portfolio contains the most complete and advanced security solutions, customized to perfectly protect your home, business and family.

We customize each solution to meet your needs so you can be sure you’re covered the right way. A trained, certified Lowitt Alarms technician will oversee your security solution, from planning through installation. And professional staff are on hand 24/7 to help keep you protected.

From our complete coverage and innovative technology to our world class monitoring and service, no other company on Long Island can match our commitment to securing our customers against burglary, fire, personal and environmental emergencies.

Lowitt Alarms has the strongest team, technology and expertise in the business. Since 1969 we’ve worked very hard to maintain our reputation as a leading security company in New York, earning the most prestigious credentials and certifications in the industry. We have developed and implemented some of the most innovative technologies available today, and continue to provide customers with tomorrow’s solutions. Our Total Connect remote/mobile monitoring system, offers the most advanced security technology today for the most complete protection you can have.