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The People Behind Lowitt Alarm’s Success

Learn More About the Team That Helps Us Shine

One of the things that we think makes us stand out as a local home security company is our personal touch and deep investment in the community. Instead of a national conglomerate composed of faceless names, Lowitt Alarms boasts a tight-knit group devoted to enhancing the security of our clients through innovative solutions and stellar customer service. Below you can learn a bit more about some of our employees, what makes them tick, and why they’re so vital to our success.

Allison Heuschneider

Allison is newer to Lowitt Alarms and has been working here since November 2018

She is a Customer Service Representative and assists customers with any problems that they are having with their security systems. Allison sets appointments and dispatches technicians if they are needed.

What Allison likes best about what she does is knowing that there is always something that she can learn so that she can grow with the company. She enjoys the satisfaction that at the end of the day, all client service call needs have been satisfied without any issues.

In her own words:
Allison has just gotten married in April 2019 and took a two-week honeymoon to Orlando, Fl. She is a huge Disney and Harry Potter fan so she and her husband had a Harry Potter themed wedding that they planned themselves. She keeps getting compliments from friends and family to say how much fun the wedding was.

Sally Ann Zummo
Sally has been working at Lowitt Alarms for three years.

She works in the Accounts Receivable department. and answers customer phone calls regarding their bills, such as making a payment or any questions they might have on their invoice. She also generates and sends out all invoices and applies all payments that we receive. The most challenging part of her job would be the end of the month billing procedures and getting all of the reports and invoices together.

Her favorite part about working for Lowitt alarms is getting to speak to so many wonderful customers every day and helping them in any way that she can. The best part of her day is knowing that she’s surrounded by such amazing coworkers every single day, “…we all work as such a wonderful team and we are all willing to help each other no matter what”.

In her own words:
I love to craft! I recently started my own Etsy and Facebook page where I make custom gifts such as glassware, t-shirts etc. I’m a huge Disney fan and I try to take a trip to Disney World every year if I can. I’m also a huge country music fan and love to spend my summers at the Jones Beach Theatre listening to country music. You can view Sally’s Etsy page by going to:

Aileen Diamond
Aileen has been with the company for ten years.

She works as a Monitoring Facility Operator. As a senior person in the Monitoring facility, Aileen routinely monitors and dispatches incoming alarm signals. She also works with the Lowitt technical team in servicing and testing alarm traffic.

What she likes best about the job is helping people in the community and making sure that they are safe. “I enjoy being part of a team that is dedicated to protecting all of our families and businesses that we monitor.”

The most challenging part her day: Helping people with technical issues such as silencing their alarms once they are going off. She says sometimes people hear the sirens and panic and forget what they have to do. It is her job to take them step by step through the process to silence the alarm and keep them calm.

In her own words:
“I enjoy cooking and being with my family and friends. Chicken parmigiana and taco salads are some of my favorite kitchen specialties. I also love watching Animal Planet on TV and find the relationships between pets and their owners fascinating.”

Want to learn more about our team and the services we can provide for your home or business? Feel free to pay us a visit or call us at 516-433-6960.