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3 Times When a Commercial Security System Proves Essential

Does Your Business Have a Commercial Alarm System?

Too often, we take our business security for granted. Being away from home can create a false sense of comfort because you don’t hear as much about accidents occurring outside of the home. Plus, having more people around you can make you feel invulnerable, too. While, yes, maybe there’s truth to the saying, “There’s strength in numbers,” just as many accidents can happen at work. Besides, as a business owner, it’s your responsibility to take care of your employees.

You can trust a commercial security system to handle many of your safety needs so that you can get back to managing your business without worry. In this blog, we’ll describe three scenarios in which a commercial security system proves to be essential and why. We’d venture to guess that one of the following situations applies to you, so keep reading on below.

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You’re Always Traveling

People have called you a “jetsetter” or “road warrior,” and your friends and family ask where you’re going next every time you meet. When you’re not in your physical office often, it’s hard to feel as in control of daily operations and employee welfare. Fortunately, modern business technology can communicate any relevant update of your choice, and in real-time.

Remote access gives you peace of mind from anywhere. Get alerts anytime if an emergency happens, whether it’s an external threat like a burglary or an environmental one like a water leak, so you can instantly take control.

Your Employees Work Late or After Hours

Though plenty of crimes or natural disasters happen during daylight hours, there’s something about the nighttime that makes us all hypervigilant, especially if we’re the lone late-night workers. Employees might feel threatened to walk back and forth from their cars at night. Or, they might fear a break-in or an unauthorized person sneaking in while they’re working.

Set your mind at ease with access management tools that only let employees and authorized guests enter the building. Also, an alarm system can immediately inform the authorities if anyone breaks in. If an employee forgets their PIN, remote access lets you unlock the door for them. If you don’t want to be the only manager with this access, add other authorized personnel for backup.

You Want to Deter Vandals and Squatters

It makes perfect sense that a visible camera or a sign saying that Lowitt Alarms is monitoring your business is any burglar’s worst nightmare. But what can you do about vandals and squatters? Motion detectors can inform you when people are lingering around the premises for too long and can sound an alarm to scare them away.

You Want to Scale Rapidly

You have a feeling that 2020 will be your best business year, and you don’t want anything to hold you back. A scalable security system lets you enjoy business as usual, despite every outside circumstance like working long hours, traveling, etc. Maybe your business is growing so fast that you need a second location or an after-hours customer service line. You will then need additional safety resources to support your growth efforts.

You will also benefit from Lowitt Alarms’ full-service monitoring center that you can call for emergencies or non-urgent support issues after hours. Even when it’s late at night or a holiday, our caring, 24/7 staff can answer important questions and concerns.

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