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Why Work with a Professional for Your Security Alarm System Installation?

Plus, Why You Should Never Trust a DIY Solution for Your Home and Loved Ones

When you have the most trusted community name in the security industry right down the road, why would you risk a security alarm system you have to buy at a big-box store and install yourself?

Though we can’t argue that these mass-produced items do offer nominal protection against home dangers, they’re usually too riddled with hassles to protect your family optimally. We encourage you to look at the actual equipment that DIY is offering and compare it to Lowitt Alarms’ products. You will see that the DIY equipment is cheap and basic when compared to the high-quality equipment that Lowitt sells.

As you might know, there’s a superior solution. We’ve been in the business of serving families in our community for 50 years now, and can offer benefits that DIY products simply can’t, both in saved money and headaches – and in ultimate peace of mind. Keep reading to learn more about the risks of DIY and the benefits of choosing Lowitt Alarms instead.

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Three Major Reasons Not to Trust DIY

Increased Vulnerability - The vast majority of security breaches occur at the application level, which presents issues since Wi-Fi enabled home security products lack two-factor authentication and SSL/TLS encryption, making you more vulnerable to hacking.

Zero Accountability - To put it frankly, big-box solutions don’t put as much stock into their clients’ welfare as a company like Lowitt does. As a result, you get a product that hasn’t been customized to your specific security needs. Also, you’re still in charge of installing this less-than-ideal product.

Understand your risks. If you install it according to the package directions, and something still breaks, you’re left to your own devices. To make everything worse, you might have already opened your walls to install the product, and now you’re also responsible for repairs. With Lowitt, however, you have no upfront or repair cost as the system has already been installed for you, giving you complete peace of mind.

Also consider Long Island permit laws. For example, you will still need a police permit if you sign up with Ring. However, Ring may not even have mentioned this since they are not a local company and are often unaware of local rules, a major disadvantage to you.

No Urgency – Furthermore, once that device is sold, you’re no longer a concern to that manufacturer. When your alarm triggers, there’s no one looking out for your family’s safety. For example, DIY solutions generally do not manufacture centrally monitored smoke or carbon monoxide detectors. They rely on listener devices that are supposed to monitor other fire safety devices in your home that may sound, but what if that sensor fails?

Don’t want to take these risks? Rest assured; you have a far superior choice that tackles these concerns, as well as anything else that arises. Our fire safety solutions, for example, include UL-listed and approved detectors that have been tested according to the highest quality standards.

How Lowitt Is Different

In direct contrast to some of the packaged, store-bought “solutions,” Lowitt Alarms offers tailored security solutions, from renowned brands like Honeywell and DMP that have been vetted by our team for superior quality and reliability. Then, our skilled installation team configures alarm systems in the most strategic places, considering countless factors like your home’s size, proximity to bedrooms, water leak hazard areas and more.

With a service contract, Lowitt Alarms will fix unexpected breaks or malfunctions, in the rare case something goes wrong. We even have a dedicated service line to call with any support-related inquiries.

To reinforce all of our security alarm products, we also have an experienced monitoring staff that works around the clock to make sure you’re safe. As soon as your alarm notifies us of something suspicious, our team notifies the appropriate law enforcement services. For a few hundred dollars more per year, you can have a state-of-the-art system monitored by a company that is trusted in the community for decades that you can rely on, instead of a company that has only recently come to market and offers cheap equipment with no real life safety protection.

Don’t leave your family, home and possessions at the mercy of a haphazard, big-box alarm product. Trust a professional security system to protect what matters most to you. To get started, contact us online or call us at 516-433-6960 for a free estimate.