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How Can Your Business Benefit from a Security App?

Enjoy Centralized and Remote Access to Your Security System

These days you can do almost anything using an app. You can check emails, watch movies, and adjust your home’s thermostat. So why not use it to protect your business? With our business security solutions, you can manage who is coming and going, make sure all doors are locked, and arm your system all from a smartphone or tablet. With remote access whether you’re on your property or on the go, it’s easy to create a safe work environment and enhance employee efficiency.

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Keep Tabs on Who’s Entering and Leaving

As we mentioned in our access control blog, you can track employees through their keycards or codes. You can view a history log through your business security app to see when employees arrive and when they leave. By having the information on your smartphone, you can call employees immediately if you see any discrepancies in the times.

Extend the Reach of Your Access Control

You can also enhance business efficiency by managing access to your property remotely. If an employee forgets their keycard or code, they don’t have to wait for someone else to arrive to begin work. You can let them in and reset their code using your mobile app. If you are expecting a delivery or service call, you can let the technician or delivery man in without having to be there physically. Receive a notification as soon as they leave so you can lock the door and arm your security system again.

Receive Security Alerts on Your Phone

Keeping track of your business security can be a daunting task. This is why you should get a system that includes professional monitoring. That way you can reduce the need for full-time security staff on your property. With our monitoring services, you can gain peace of mind while reducing costs.

But even if you have experts monitoring your property, you want to be informed of any major events. Through your business security app, you can receive a notification according to certain triggers. All systems should have alerts for major emergencies including flooding and fires.

The benefit of going with a custom solution is that you can add personalized alerts based on your business’ unique vulnerabilities. If you work in a warehouse, receive a notification if anyone enters a back room or office. Set up this type of alert for any vulnerable spots including safes, servers, and storage areas. Alerts can also be time-sensitive. Receive a notification if any employees access your property after hours or if the alarm is not set at closing time.

Respond Remotely to Any Emergencies

What’s the point of getting all this information if you can’t do anything about it? The great thing about your business security app is that it lets you make changes to your system remotely. Notice a door is unlocked after hours? Fix it using your app. You can also arm your security system and turn off any lights using your app.

Get peace of mind with a security app that keeps you informed of what’s going on at your business at all times. Call us at 516-433-6960 or fill out our online contact form to find out which of our business security solutions would make the most sense for you.