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What Protection Are You Getting From Your Business Alarm System?

Make Sure You’re Covered from Every Possible Angle

What is the main reason that you want to invest in a business alarm system? Are you looking to stave off burglaries, protect your space in case of a fire, or better manage employees? Whatever the priority is when securing your business, you want to make sure that you're finding a comprehensive solution. In this blog, we highlight some common issues owners face and how Lowitt Alarms can combat them.

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For the majority of business owners, their primary goal when investing in a business alarm system is to prevent theft. What if someone tries to break your initial line of protection? You can install motion sensors in your primary access points, including windows, to know if a break-in should occur. You can also install comprehensive access control solutions—via keycards or codes—so only authorized personnel can enter your property.

If anyone breaks into your building, your sensors and access control solution will set off your business alarm as the first warning to the burglar to leave the premises. The alarm will also alert our award-winning monitoring station, who will aid you and the authorities to manage the emergency at hand effectively. You can also receive a notification on your security app as soon as the alarm goes off.


Some of the security emergencies your business encounters will come from the inside. These can come in the form of a fire or flooding. With a proactive business alarm system, you can reduce damages and better protect your employees.

The first step is to have properly calibrated and monitored smoke and heat detectors, water level sensors, and low-temperature detection (so you can act before a burst pipe results in extensive damages). We regularly inspect and monitor all sensors to ensure they are running efficiently and meet all building codes.

When it comes to a fire, your siren will immediately go off to alert employees. Your fire protection system will also inform our monitoring station, which will coordinate with local authorities to get help to your Long Island business as soon as possible. We design your system to have addressable fire zones so authorities can quickly identify the problem.

For both fire and water-related emergencies, you will receive an immediate notification on your phone so that you can respond accordingly. This will help you reduce damages, especially those related to floods, which account for the most costly insurance claims for both businesses and homes.

Want to find out how a Lowitt Alarms system can help you ward off both internal and external threats? You can reach out to us directly through our online form or by calling 516-433-6960 to set up a consultation and receive a free estimate.