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Do You Have a Reliable Business Security Checklist?

Follow These Steps to Better Protect Your Clients and Employees

Any new building should follow strict guidelines to enhance the overall security of its tenants. There are unique security requirements to consider. Many details go into preventing crime, but the ideal solution blends design and building security systems for the ultimate protection.

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Delineate Your Entry Ways

Each walkway on your property needs to be clearly marked, well lit, and, most importantly, lead to a controlled entrance. Other entry points that intruders might be able to access like windows or roofs should also be clear of shrubbery and have dedicated lighting reduce the risk of intruders.

Fortify Your Entry Ways

Now that you’ve marked out the main points of entry for your employees, you’ll want an intuitive way to manage access. Each external door needs to have a lock installed which employees can open using access codes, keycards, or fobs. Expand your security by adding locks to first-floor windows as well.

Activate Your Alarm

Assign an employee to be in charge of activating your alarm. Incorporate security apps where they can check the status and make changes if needed. When the alarm isn't set, they receive alerts to let them know. Eliminate confusion by having only one person in charge of this, so there's no chance of a security breach.

Monitor Your Alarm

Once an alarm goes off, what happens? Where, if anywhere, does the signal go during an emergency? Lowitt provides a dedicated response team receiving that signal and directing authorities as needed. Having business security with professional monitoring is the only successful approach.

Account for All Keys

Find time to do an audit of all keys. Look for any that may have gone missing (primarily any provided to guests, vendors, or repairers) and encourage employees to come forward if they lose theirs. Edit settings easily via your access control to revoke entry for any codes, keypads, or fobs that are unaccounted for.

Maintain Your Space

Simple upkeep plays a significant role in protecting your property as well, both when it comes to your physical appearance and your building security. Have weeds, trash, and debris removed to keep those clear paths to your entry points. Next, ensure that your security system is working with regular maintenance of sensors, carbon and smoke detectors, and your alarms.

Add Radio Backup

Radio backup keeps your security running even in case of a blackout or internet downtime. Lowitt employ a professional team to ensure connectivity works as needed: activating immediately during an emergency and sending the signal to the appropriate agencies.

Maintain Security Records

By keeping records of all your security activities, you will be able to recognize any dangerous patterns. On your dashboard, track when employees arrive and when they leave. There you can also see when any alarms go off—including both the relevant time and location.

How well are you following this checklist at your business? Incorporate a professional security solution for comprehensive protection. To get a free consultation, give us a call at 516-433-6960, or fill out our contact form.