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3 Security System Installation Perks You Might Not Have Considered

Think Beyond the Most Common Benefits

When you stop to imagine some core benefits of a security system installation, you might picture the usual: alarms going off and burglars getting stopped in their tracks. Though those are important elements, there’s much more to our professional security solutions.

How can you get even more value than you expected from your Lowitt Alarms installation? We’ll dive into some of these benefits today. If you’re curious about the lesser-known perks of our projects, keep reading to learn more.

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Save on Insurance

Home security systems prove one of the most practical integrated home features created today. They’re easy to use and protect your family, after all. But did you know it could also lower your insurance premiums?

That’s because home insurance companies will see your home as a lower liability if covered by a security system installation. Not only will you achieve greater peace of mind after we set you up, but you’ll lower your insurance costs by up to 10%.

Guard Against Carbon Monoxide Risks

Carbon monoxide is the leading cause of accidental poisoning in the U.S. This gas often gets overlooked in the security industry because it’s not as visually menacing as a fire or an intrusion scene, but it causes more than 20,000 emergency room visits per year.

The most threatening aspect of carbon monoxide? Not only is it invisible, but its effects sneak up on unwary individuals, who often feel mostly normal until significant side effects occur.

On a much more positive note, carbon monoxide harm is highly preventable. Our carbon monoxide detectors will send you a message every time your system picks up even the slightest leak. Though most big-box stores will sell you CO-detecting tools, DIY jobs often don’t account for vital considerations like placement and safety codes. The Lowitt Alarms professionals will inspect your home and install the devices in areas that ensure total leak protection coverage for your home.

Invest in a Fully Monitored System

Did you know that fully monitored protection was an option for your security system installation? Our company has a CSAA 5 Diamond certified and UL-listed central monitoring station with a 24/7/365 human team that takes your calls whenever you need us. We use the most up-to-date telecommunication technology and employ only Five Diamond Certified operators to respond to any questions and emergencies, and, if needed, send help immediately.

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