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The Three Major Benefits of an Integrated Security Alarm System

Discover All the Ways an Alarm System Can Protect Your Home

Our homes are precious to us because they are more than just a building with furniture and things. They are full of memories, and the people and animals that we care about. That's why we can never keep them safe enough. Having a security alarm system can give you some security, but often standard alarms are triggered after a security breach is in progress.

What we all want is the kind of security that alerts us so that we can prevent them. With a security alarm system integrated into your home automation system, you can have the type of security that gives you peace of mind when you are home and when you are away.

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Instant Alerts of Suspicious Activity

When it comes to your home’s security, you don’t want to take any chances. A smart alarm system is key for your well-being, whether you’re worried about unwelcome guests and potential intruders approaching your house, or more serious break-ins through your home’s many entry points. This is why it’s important to have smart security integrated throughout your whole property.

With an integrated alarm system from Lowitt Alarms, should an intruder try to enter your home, you will also get notifications to your smart device. And if that person lurking through the bushes is just a neighbor or family member who forgot their key, you can have our remote monitoring service open door locks for keyless entry. Our systems feature reliable battery backup, so if your power goes off and you are away, your security system stays consistently armed and ready to alert authorities should anything happen.

Integrated Alarms for Fire and CO2

Keeping your home safe from fire and CO2 is critical as these are the leading causes of most fatal home injuries. Often, fires happen at night when a family is sleeping. Our integrated alarm system’s sensors work to monitor fire, smoke, and CO2 at all times. When a sensor sets an alarm off, not only is your family warned in time, but the emergency authorities are also immediately alerted – even if the power has gone out. With this added layer of security, you and your family can focus on getting to safety at the same time that help is on its way.

Accident Proof with Temperature and Leak Detection

While a burst pipe or change in temperature may not always indicate a dangerous situation in your home, they can alert you to potential damage. Drastic temperature shifts, for example, can be a sign that your heating and cooling systems may not be working correctly due to a power surge or other event, and that can be devastating to temperature-sensitive rooms like wine cellars, galleries, and even your pipes.

Our alarm system with battery backup can send you real-time alerts so that you can swiftly take action. Flood detection is an excellent option for those that have a second home or vacation home, too. If you have a beachside vacation home, flooding is a possibility but can only be mitigated when someone is present, which is why our detection system will alert you immediately so that you can take the necessary measures you need to protect your property.

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