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5 Must-Have Components of a Life Safety System

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“Life safety system” might sound like a new term, but it simply refers to a network of safety devices installed in your home that mitigates circumstances like burglaries, vandalism, and natural or incidental disasters. For example, if we’ve only installed fire alarms in your home, that won’t qualify as a life safety system.

At Lowitt Alarms, we like to take a bigger-picture view of your home’s safety by analyzing all risk areas and installing devices and solutions that best suit that need.

Curious to see what goes into life safety systems and how they cover you for most incidents? Keep reading to see what we might include in one of these systems, how each component protects you, and why you should trust Lowitt Alarms with this service.

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1) Burglary Alarm and Security Monitoring

As integral components of any life safety system, alarms and monitoring fulfill your need to always know what’s going on in your home. Lowitt Alarms installs automated, connected security suites that allow one-touch control of locks, alarms, real-time notifications, and anything else that would safeguard you from criminal behavior, whether it’s burglary, vandalism, or trespassing.

2) Fire Alarms and Detection

Burglary risks are often much more talked about than environmental or natural issues such as fires, but did you know that someone calls a fire department to report a fire every 24 seconds in the United States? Our fire alarms and detection systems ensure you know about a fire risk at the onset so that you can act quickly.

3) High and Low Temperature Detection

New York experiences all seasons, and with that comes weather extremes. High and low temperature detection lets you know when your home reaches inhabitable levels. Benefits can range from protecting dependents staying in your home while you’re at work to keeping pipes from freezing.

4) Leak and Freeze Detection

Water can wreak havoc in your home when it becomes a leak or a freeze. Our water detection systems find a leak at the first sight of excessive moisture. Lowitt’s proactive approach stops leaks from damaging your home’s furnishing or prevents freezing from breaking your pipes.

5) Mobile Alerts and 24/7 Staffed Monitoring

At Lowitt Alarms, we believe that timely help means everything when you want to feel secure about your home, and a complete life safety system should include a compassionate expert who can address your concerns or, if needed, send first responders to your home in seconds. We’re here for you 24/7/365, whether you have an emergency or a maintenance question.

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