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What You Need to Know About Total Connect 2.0

And Why Your Choice Smart Home Company, Lowitt Alarms, Recommends This Security System

We’re now rounding a corner from a year that many described as “unprecedented” into what we all hope proves a more “normal” one. However, many homeowners still feel the lingering risks and general unease that they suffered from in 2020, driving up home security product/service sales worldwide.

For example, PC Mag found that more than one-third of homes currently rely on smart security devices in their homes. It’s no surprise that experts predict that the global residential security market is expected to reach $44.8 billion by 2023, according to a report by Market Research Future.

As a smart home company that focuses on security, we have explored countless systems that monitor activity around your home, prevent property damage and send real-time notifications. We consistently choose Honeywell’s Total Connect 2.0 system to install in clients’ homes, and we’ll explain some reasons below. Plus, keep reading to see how the system has been updated recently to better serve homeowners.

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Why Total Connect 2.0?

Total Connect 2.0 is a comprehensive security system that you can control from your mobile device. From one sleek, easy-to-use interface, you can lock or unlock doors, arm or disarm your system and much more. Plus, you can turn lights off or on: flashing lights deter unwary criminals. This Total Connect iteration also syncs to climate control and features more advanced “scenes” that can prepare your entire home for common security events, whether it’s bedtime or time to step out to run errands.

System Perks We Recommend

Total Connect 2.0 has geo-fencing capabilities to inform you when you’re about to leave the boundary so that you can arm or disarm your home. The system covers more than just burglary and vandalism crimes and also guards against environmental dangers like extreme temperature fluctuations or water leaks, preventing frozen pipes. Because Total Connect 2.0 syncs with your HVAC system, you can set customized temperatures or temperature schedules throughout the day to save energy or optimize comfort.
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