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4 Things to Consider When Purchasing Smart Locks

Find Out Which Solutions Make the Most Sense for Your Home

Almost all security systems have important core features such as locks, alarms and smoke detectors. Many people are happy to settle for basic locks already installed in their homes. Why not upgrade to remote locks that help you better manage who is entering and leaving your property? With the right equipment, you can make your home more efficient and safe. So how do you know which locks to purchase? Keep on reading to find out.

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Control Options

The coolest thing about remote locks is that you can transition away from traditional keys and embrace new control options. Below we highlight some of the most popular choices; we can then help you find a solution that incorporates the features you want:

  • Personalized Codes: Need to have a housekeeper or dog walker come in while you are away? Instead of leaving a key under the mat, you can give them personalized codes. You can limit these codes so they can only be used during certain days or hours.
  • Mobile App: Most smart locks also let you manage access through a mobile app. This way you can let people in or lock a door you left open when you went to work even if you’re not home.
  • Schedules/Auto Lock: You can automate your smart locks through schedules or timers. Some devices are programmed to lock automatically after a certain period. You can also program them to close at the times when you typically leave for work or go to bed.

Access Management

Look for smart lock solutions that make it easy to control and monitor who enters your home. Through a mobile or desktop app, you should be able to add and revoke codes in just a few simple steps. You should also be able to review daily or weekly logs that show when codes were used. Other locks let you create alerts, so you receive an email, text or push notification when certain codes are used.

DIY vs. Professional

Though many smart locks market themselves as being easy to install, it’s always safest to work with a professional. Our technicians can make sure locks are properly installed and integrated with other security features including smoke detectors and motion sensors. You also avoid common vulnerabilities associated with smart locks. For example, Lowitt Alarms uses backup radio communications, so you’re not left unprotected (or locked out) if the power goes out or if the phone lines are cut. If anyone tries to tamper with your lock, an alarm is automatically triggered.

The first step in upgrading your home security is integrating the best remote locks in the industry. The experts at Lowitt Alarms can advise you on the solutions that make the most sense for you. To learn more, contact us online or call us at 516-433-6960.