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A Water Leak Detector Protects Your Home

Why You Shouldn’t Wait to Make This Important Investment

Reports have shown that water damage is one of the most common home insurance claims, presenting even more risks than fires do. Once water has seeped into a home where it doesn’t belong, it doesn’t take long for mold to start creating further destruction. Additional issues such as warped hardwood and electrical misfires can quickly make a home unlivable and nearly impossible to sell.

Fortunately, water damage is preventable with the right tools. Water leak detectors react as soon as the first signs of a leak occur, so you can resolve the issue before it causes any damage. Today, we’ll discuss how a water leak detector protects your property from three common mishaps. Keep reading to see how you can save your family’s health and home investment with one critical device.

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Leaky Roof

One of the first places that unwanted water seeps into your home is through your roof. Though you can usually spot a leaking roof through water marks near the ceiling, others are harder to find. At Lowitt Alarms, we believe that every drop counts. That’s why we install water leak detectors that detect the roof leak before you deal with consequences like mold, ice dams or rotting infrastructure and furnishings.

Frozen Pipes

There’s no denying that winters in the Northeast can be brutal, with temperatures dropping to below freezing frequently. When a frozen pipe bursts, it can wreak havoc across the house. Though running a faucet does help protect you, what if you and your family aren’t home when an unexpected freeze occurs?

Some leak detectors feature a built-in freeze monitor, like Honeywell’s Lyric. It offers easy setup, a solid app, temperature and humidity readings, and an optional cord sensor attachment that expands the detection area up to 150 feet. Plus, it fully functions if completely submerged and runs on Wi-Fi for maximum reliability.

Malfunctioning Machines

Sometimes a washing machine unexpectedly leaks, flooding an entire basement. Water pressure builds up in the inlet hoses, and if you leave this water on, this force can cause leaking or even a burst.

In the very rare case that a leak still occurs, we’ll install flood detector that warns you instantly. Even if you’re not at home, our leak sensors are connected to a remote access system that alerts you the instant your home’s at risk. Our 24/7/365 emergency monitoring staff can also send help immediately.

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Since you can mitigate several water damage disasters with this single, integrated tool, there’s no excuse not to make this home-saving investment soon – especially before winter presents additional risks like rainy, flood-prone days or freezing pipes.

To learn more about water leak sensors and how they work with the rest of your home security suite, reach out to us by calling 516-433-6960 or by filling out our online contact form. We look forward to further securing your home soon.