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Why You Need a Wireless Alarm System With a Backup Radio Solution

Invest in a Security system That Keeps You Safe if the Power or Network Goes Out

If you’re a homeowner, we know the most important part of maintaining your home is keeping it safe for you and your family. At Lowitt Alarms, your safety is also first in our minds, which is why we encourage you to purchase an alarm system with wireless monitoring to provide constant security protection for your home.

Having your home security system installed by the professionals at Lowitt Alarms enhances your safety even more. It ensures your system is set up properly, functioning correctly at all times and specially tailored to your needs.

Keep reading to learn more about the benefits of buying a wireless alarm system with a built-in backup radio solution.

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What Are the Downsides of Traditional Wired Alarm Systems?

Wired alarm systems are dependent on your home’s phone line to send signals to your provider’s central monitoring station when the alarm goes off. But what if your phone line goes down from a heavy winter storm, flooding or high winds? Or what if a smart thief cuts the phone line to disable your system before staging a burglary? In these cases, when your alarm goes off, it won’t be able to send a signal to the monitoring system and your home and family will be left unprotected during an emergency.

Why We Recommend Wireless Alarm Systems?

We believe wireless alarm systems provide your family with the highest level of security, especially if you purchase a system from Lowitt Alarms. Wireless signals travel much faster than landline signals do, meaning that both you and our central monitoring system will be alerted right away when the alarm is triggered. Instant communication allows you to take swift action in the case of a home invasion.

The additional benefits of our professionally installed wireless systems are two-fold:

  • Wireless alarms enable you to communicate with your system anytime, even when you’re traveling for work or on vacation. Our Total Connect service gives you the freedom of remote monitoring from a laptop or mobile app. Your system will notify you as soon as a sensor goes off. Our mobile and laptop apps also allow you to turn on your system from anywhere if you accidentally leave the house without setting the alarm.
  • Our systems provide a second layer of protection with a backup radio solution that automatically goes into action if you experience weak wireless signals or signal loss.

Why Do Our Alarm Systems Have a Backup Radio Solution?

At Lowitt Alarms, we anticipate the unexpected — like a dropped wireless connection — and provide solutions to give you and your family peace of mind during an emergency. That’s why our wireless alarm systems are equipped with a backup radio solution. In cases when your connection goes down, the sensors in your home use radio frequencies to alert the control panel and trigger the alarm. The control panel has a cellular mode that allows it to send signals to our 5 Diamond Certified central monitoring facility using nearby cell towers.

Never again worry about leaving your house vulnerable if the wireless signal drops while you and your family are sleeping, or while you’re out of the country on a much-needed vacation. Our wireless systems provide around-the-clock coverage and protection.

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