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What Happens to Your Home Alarm When the Power Goes Out?

Stay Protected Even in Case of an Outage or Tampering

Most home alarm systems rely on your property’s electric, telephone, and internet infrastructure. Unfortunately, this can leave you vulnerable if the power goes out. Getting past your home security system is easy when thieves know all they have to do is cut the right cable.

Enhance your family’s safety with a wireless home alarm system that includes radio backup. When an emergency happens, you won’t need to rely on your internet for the signal to reach our 5 Diamond, UL listed monitoring facility. Keep reading to find out how it works and the primary reasons it’s the ideal solution for your home.

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Why We Use Wireless Systems

Designs will vary for each person, but any home alarm has three essential components: a control panel, sensors, and a monitoring station. The main difference between wired and wireless security systems is how these three components talk to each other.

Wireless communication standards are becoming more common as houses drop their landlines entirely. Even when landlines are available, wireless signals also travel faster than those from landlines.

Wireless communication also allows for constant monitoring of your home even when you’re away. Mobile apps keep you informed if any sensor goes off or you left a door unlocked. Make any necessary changes — like locking doors or arming the alarm system — from the same app if needed.

How Does Wireless Radio Backup Work?

Of course, a wireless installation is not enough to address power outages. If your wireless signals go out, you’d be left in the dark just like with an older hard-wired solution.

That’s why we employ radio back up so if power goes out or you have a weak internet signal, you stay connected.

With radio backup, each sensor in the house speaks with the control panel via radio frequencies to activate the alarm. The control panel includes a cellular mode that allows it to then reach out to our monitoring station using local cell towers.

Doing it the Right Way

Home alarms are critical when it comes to protecting your family, so we recommend avoiding some of the DIY wireless solutions found in retail stores. These won’t include vital security monitoring and the radio backup we outlined above.

Let a professional design and install your system to prevent some common issues and vulnerabilities. We'll add encryptions, tamper resistance, and jam protection to keep hackers at bay.

For added customization, we also can add the security features that make the most sense to your family including smoke, carbon monoxide, water detectors, window sensors, and more. We also offer ongoing maintenance to ensure your wireless and radio connections are functioning smoothly at all times.

Do you want to learn more about the benefits of adding a radio or cellular backup to your wireless home alarm system? We'd be glad to help.

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