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Why Do We Recommend the Total Connect App for Home Monitoring?

See How Honeywell’s Tool Can Enhance Security and Convenience, Even Remotely

Do you ever get a nagging feeling mid-way through your commute to work that you forgot to disarm your alarm system or lock your front door? Maybe it was too late to turn back when that moment of panic set in.

Honeywell’s Total Connect 2.0 allows Lowitt Alarm customers to conveniently monitor and control virtually every aspect of their Honeywell security systems remotely from a computer, tablet or smartphone. With Total Connect, you can forget something occasionally and have technology meet you halfway. Keep reading to see how this home monitoring app gives our Long Island, NY, customers the ultimate peace of mind and what additional safety measures we take to completely protect homeowners.

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Real-Time Alerts

We at Lowitt Alarms never want to keep our customers in the dark about the happenings in and around their homes. With Total Connect, we can integrate your thermostat, smart locks, alarms and more and get real-time alerts sent to your office five miles away or a conference halfway around the world.

This superior security and home automation platform give homeowners like you insight into your home’s security when it matters most. Total Connect sends real-time alerts for water leaks, carbon monoxide, burglary and much more. Through integrated motion sensors, you’ll find out about many unwanted activities around your home, from a valuable painting getting moved to an unauthorized person invading a closed-off room or liquor cabinet. Total Connect will send you pictures of any security event for more context.

Enhanced Convenience

Though safety is top-of-mind for those considering home monitoring tools like Total Connect, homeowners also enjoy the convenience the app provides. From your smartphone, you can set the ideal temperature in your house before you leave the office, so you don’t return to an uncomfortable home. You can turn lights on and off and lower motorized shades with ease while you’re away as well.

Responsible for a family member’s health and safety? Total Control also adds peace of mind for parents and caretakers: it lets you know when one of your children unlocks a smart lock after school, or when an elderly family member grabs and takes medication from a locked cabinet.

Professional, Staffed Security

Your home monitoring is reinforced by a caring staff that you can always contact about any security issues. Our team also makes sure that your system stays safe during a power outage with our trusted backup radio solutions. We will always be ready to send a wireless signal to our UL-certified, Five Diamond Monitoring Facility, ensuring that there’s never a gap in your security coverage.

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