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Why Our Smart Home Security Team Earns the Community’s Trust

Something we’ve seen proven time and time again is that businesses have to continually prove themselves to stand out in a crowded market. If you own a business, chances are there’s someone out there much like you, with similar offerings and pricing. Since our inception as a security company, we’ve dedicated ourselves to finding out what we can do to stand out - then, more importantly, doing it. What does that commitment mean for our clients? We’ll explain what makes us different below.

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We’ve Changed with the Times

When we launched our business in 1969, the smart home as we know it did not exist. We’ve grown from installing some of the first burglar alarms that emerged to the intuitive, smart home systems we use today, like the Total Connect 2.0 system that synchs all your security tools to an easy-to-use interface like your mobile device.

You can not only monitor entry reports, security status and more remotely, but you can also control some features like HVAC from the same application. No matter what changes the industry brings us as more decades roll on, we will always stay alert to the changes and demands so we can appeal to the modern customer just as we did when we started.

We’ve Sought Out Credentials

In a tight market with plenty of other nearby security providers, labels and titles matter, and we’ve done the work to earn your respect. For example, fewer than 1% of U.S monitoring facilities can claim a TMA 5-Diamond Certification, and ours has. We’re also listed by UL and the FDNY for passing these intensive safety standards.

We’ve Connected to Our Community

Our family calls Long Island home, and we consider everyone here neighbors. We’re confident that you’ll find a difference in working with a home security installer that understands this community’s needs and gives back to causes that likely impact you or someone you know.

Why does this matter? We know the exact times we get hit with storms and the most impactful tools, like water detection sensors, to mitigate that damage. We understand local safety codes top to bottom. Plus, our dedicated fleet of security vehicles is always nearby.

We give to local causes, sponsor races like the area’s beloved Oyster Bay Turkey Trot and empower our young people with opportunities to learn the police trade through the Nassau County Law Enforcement Explorers program. We donate to causes we believe in like the LGBT+ organization, The Center, and community nonprofit to benefit the hungry and homeless, The INN.

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