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Lowitt Alarms Supports the Future Police Force

The Long Island Monitoring Company that Cares About Nassau County Youth

During the nearly fifty years that Lowitt Alarms has served the Nassau community, we’ve earned some of the most prestigious awards in the industry, such as the Five Diamond Monitoring Facility designation by the CSAA. We also offer 24/7/365 protection and state-of-the-art security technology.

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More importantly, though, we have won the respect of the community by supporting young adults and teens in Nassau County who share our commitment to safety. Lowitt is proud to sponsor the Nassau County Police Explorers, a program that prepares young people for an exciting, meaningful career in the police force.

The Explorer program in Nassau County started back in the 1970s and continues to grow at a phenomenal pace. Due to refocused interests and a revived strength, the program currently holds nearly 200 Explorers.

The program focuses on hands-on activities that give students aged 14-20 applicable skills for real law enforcement jobs. Fifty-four Nassau County Explorers recently got the chance to demonstrate their skills and compete for various rewards, both in individual and team events.

Our Nassau County Explorers took a trip to West Lafayette, Indiana, and they impressed the judges across many categories. We are proud to announce that Team Nassau brought back eleven awards including National Vice Youth Representative -- the highest honor in the nation for this category.

Nassau County officers are incredibly proud of all the Explorers who competed, and we offer our congratulations to everyone who participated in this competition.

Our cooperation with these programs makes sense because we share a mission with police officers -- we believe around-the-clock safety demands a well-trained, empathetic workforce. At Lowitt Alarm, we prioritize security for Nassau County residents, and we honor the work of our county’s brave police. Our company will never stop serving our youth and helping them fulfill their law enforcement career goals, which in turn will support the well-being and safety of our Long Island community.

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