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Is Your Home Security Monitoring Up to Date?

Protect Your Family With a Modern, Reliable System

Home security monitoring isn’t a one-and-done investment. And that’s especially true if you don’t have an updated system or if you’ve been relying on DIY tools for your safety. Both of these measures benefit you somewhat but can’t provide the comprehensive protection you need for all of life’s “what ifs.”

How can you be sure that your security system is updated enough to keep you safe? Lowitt Alarms builds every solution with modern features, scalability, accessibility, and user friendliness in mind, and that’s why we install Total Connect 2.0 in clients’ homes. Keep reading for four features that we deliver in our installations that make our solutions the most trusted in the community.

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Make Sure You Have Remote Notifications

If you have children in school, or professionals that need to enter and leave your home, you will love the access that remote notifications provide. Never guess again if your children arrived at a certain time, or if your housekeeper will be gone before you return home. Remote doorbell notifications inform you when doors open and close, and you can arm or disarm your system from anywhere.

Benefit from Geo-Fencing Technology

Geo-fencing is a relatively new security feature that lets you draw an invisible line around your preferred coverage area, generally a mile out from your home. Any time you leave this area without arming your system, you’ll get an alert prompting you to do so.

Connect to Comfort

Did you know that you could also manage your home comfort levels from your Total Connect 2.0 solution? From your smartphone, you can set the ideal temperature in your house before you leave the office so that you return to a home that’s perfectly catered to your temperature preferences. You can also adjust lighting and motorized shades on the go.

Peace of Mind Through Monitoring

Our clients experience even greater peace of mind because they know that they’re not the only ones looking out for their home. Clients who previously used DIY systems find that what makes us stand out most is our personal commitment to your safety. Our professional team of TMA 5-Diamond Certified operators stand by 24/7 to take your calls, whether you have a question or an emergency.

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