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How Are You Protecting Your Most Vulnerable Entry Point?

Make Sure Your Front Door Has the Right Security Measures in Place

Very few areas of your home are as vulnerable as your front door. Even though we like to imagine burglars finding unique ways to break in at night, the front door is still often their starting point. Break-ins start at the front door an estimated 34 percent of the time. They’re also typically going into homes in the middle of the day while families are at school or work.

As you can see, most burglars aren't the high-tech geniuses you saw in Ocean's Eleven. During break-ins, they're just looking for common vulnerabilities and exploiting them. Most times, if there's no easy way in, they'll avoid the trouble altogether. All you need to protect your property is a home access control solution that creates strong barriers and allows for a quick response in case of a break-in.

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Take Advantage of Sensors

You can also significantly reduce break-ins through the use of door and window sensors. Have sensors that activate your alarm whenever someone approaches or tampers with them. Once burglars hear the alarm go off, they'll move on to their next target. We recommend working with a professional security company when it comes to your front-door sensors. If not installed correctly, they result in annoying false alarms that can lead to fines as well.

Use Notifications and Monitoring

How you react in case of an attempted break-in is just as important. Even the slightest delay makes a big difference since burglars typically spend less than ten minutes inside. Any home access control solution needs to ensure someone is notified immediately. Employ a security system with 24/7 monitoring to make sure emergency personnel arrive promptly.

Don’t be left in the dark with instant notifications on your phone or via email when your alarm is triggered. These notifications can also be proactive in preventing break-ins. Set up alerts for when you forget to lock the front door or set your alarm, and then make those changes directly from your app, whether you are home, at work or on vacation.

Replace Your Locks

Do your front door locks have deadbolts installed? Even if you do nothing else to secure your home, this needs to be your first step. As we mentioned, burglars are looking for quick ways in, and prying or kicking a door open is their best bet. No matter what type of lock you have –whether it's a traditional one or one that uses access control—it needs to have a deadbolt. Deadbolts provide strong protection that makes prying impossible and most are saw-resistant, so you can't cut through them.

There's another common vulnerability of traditional locks you want to consider. Often thieves will "bump" locks instead of picking them. Employing “bump keys” with unique modifications, they pry open many traditional locks. An excellent way to prevent this approach, other than bolt locks is to add other security measures like dedicated security codes.

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