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Vacationing Soon? Make Sure Your Home’s Not a Target

Learn how motion detectors, alarms, and monitoring ensure a safe and fun Getaway

For many, the spring and summer of 2021 mark our first time really getting out of the house in more than a year. Warmer temperatures and ramped-up vaccine rollouts occurred simultaneously, spurring many New Yorkers to use up more PTO days this year.

In fact, many travelers are eschewing the packed long-weekend destination and opting for longer stays than they booked pre-pandemic. A Vrbo study reveals travelers are favoring longer stays for their next getaway, with 75 percent saying they are more likely to book trips spanning at least seven nights this summer.

But there’s a less-fun topic to discuss surrounding travel plans – securing your home. Extended trips jeopardize your home’s safety, and criminals wait for such opportunities. Keep reading to see how to evade them at every turn with

motion detectors, notifications, and more.

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Add Motion Detectors

Motion detectors often serve as your first defense because they find the issue at its source. That’s why we add state-of-the-art door and window sensors to fully invasion-proof your home. Many criminals see motion detectors and reflexively try to tamper with them, hoping that destroying them will hide any evidence. However, our motion detectors sync with your alarms so that they sound when tampered with - and notify our monitoring station.

Get Notifications Anywhere

Our Total Connect 2.0 system works with your motion detectors to let you know if anything suspicious happens around your property. Total Connect sends you all the information you want to learn, nothing more or less. Some clients prefer to know only minimal data – emergency cases like a carbon monoxide leak, a window breaking, or a fire. Others want a more comprehensive idea, like monitoring when people or animals linger on their premises or in designated zones. We program your system to your specifications.

Access Control

Vacationers often worry that they forgot to lock a door. In seconds, you can check and lock each entryway.

What if you need people to enter your home while you’re away? You might have a pet sitter or a house cleaner stop by regularly. Our open/close reporting system lets you know who is entering and exiting your home as soon as the door opens and also saves a log that you can review later.

This feature also provides your home’s armed/disarmed status. Should you need to add or revoke access control codes, you can do so in a few clicks.

Gain Peace of Mind, This Summer and Always

Get the best protection possible with Lowitt Alarms security systems. We’ve been the community’s choice experts for decades and look forward to helping you get the smart security system you and your family deserve. Give us a call today at 516-433-6960 or fill out our contact form to learn more.