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Upgrade Your Security System for Enhanced Safety

These Smart Features Help Keep Intruders Away

Leaving your home unoccupied also leaves it vulnerable to intruders – and with that on your mind, any vacation or errand becomes stressful.

But a burglary monitoring system can give you a needed peace of mind, no matter how long you are gone from your home.

In this blog, we go through some of the features included in your smart security system and how it makes sure your property is in good hands at every moment of the day.

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Constant Monitoring & Instant Notifications

Our Total Connect monitoring system keeps an eye on your property on the hour, every hour. The best part is, we can instantly notify you if something occurs.

Want to know when your kids get home from school or when a door is unlocked in general? You’ll receive an alert immediately on your phone telling you when this happens.

You can manage every component right in the palm of your hand.

With your own smartphone, tablet, or laptop, you can control every aspect while you’re not at home. Check that doors are locked and turn on your security alarms with just a simple press of a button.
You can incorporate motion sensors, and when they are triggered by movement, our monitoring facility will let you know right away.
The same goes for if valuable objects are moved from the walls, if a safe has been opened, or if your security alarm goes off. We'll keep you well-informed of your home’s current status, and you have the choice to take action immediately or decide if something’s serious or not.

Radio Backup for Any Space

Constant security protection should mean you never have to worry if your alarm system is still working – even when other appliances are not.

Lowitt has a backup radio solution that will keep your property safe even when your phone line or internet goes down.

Whether there’s a wide-spread outage or an intruder finds a way to cut your power line, our backup radio solutions will still send a wireless signal to our central monitoring station if an alarm goes off.

This is also great for locations that don’t have access to phone lines, such as boathouses, garages, and warehouses.

Want to learn even more about a security monitoring system and how it can ensure you and your home stays safe day in and day out?

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