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Protect People and Property with a Complete Commercial Security System

Rest Assured Your Business Is Safe with Security That Is Built to Meet Your Needs

As a commercial business owner, you have a lot to keep track of, with everyone’s safety and your property’s security at the top of the list. The task can be a bit daunting, keeping you from focusing on growing the business and increasing client services.

A comprehensive commercial security system gives you peace of mind, knowing that the expert system integration and trained monitoring staff have got your back. A security system is often thought of in terms of burglary or intrusion alerts; while this is a core function, we offer a host of sensors and services that provide complete coverage.

Are you looking to add protection to your business? Read more below to find out how Lowitt Alarms can help.

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Protect People and Property

Protecting property, and most importantly, your people, is paramount. Installing the right setup, the first time around, saves time, money, and potential headaches. Using a keen understanding of intrusion and burglary techniques, we avoid cookie-cutter systems and design one that fits your business’ needs.

It starts with a survey of your business facility by our certified staff, identifying potential building weak spots, daily staff activities, and more. By getting to know your team and operations, we develop an understanding of where problems can occur and build solutions to minimize them.

Know your staff and inventory are protected with sensors that detect the opening of doors, windows, or the breaking of glass. Hidden panic buttons allow your employees to alert the authorities discreetly while keeping their personal safety a priority.

Fire Prevention

The loss of property can come in many forms; the most insidious is fire. Most theft results in only a small portion of overall merchandise being taken. Fire can wipe out your entire stock and the building itself.

While prevention of situations that can start fires is essential when a fire ignites, quick action is key to saving lives and livelihoods. Our detection system incorporates a smoke and heat sensor that immediately notifies a central monitoring center, alerting fire and rescue. When emergency services are on-site, the multi-zone sensors pinpoint the flames' start and progress, enabling firefighters to extinguish it quickly.

Water and Temperature: Subtle Threats

Your business’ security faces more subtle threats than burglary and fire, and detecting these issues before they can cause significant damage can save you considerable trouble.

Leaks from faulty HVAC systems, clogged drains, and broken pipes can go unnoticed until it is too late. Whether it is sudden flooding from natural disasters or the slow build-up of damaging moisture, installing water detection sensors can help avoid extensive loss.

Low temperatures from a failed heating system, vent, or access panel can cause a host of problems. Avoid frozen pipes or damage to temperature-sensitive stock with low-temperature detectors. Be alerted before it becomes a bigger problem.

A security system built to fit your needs backed by our 5 Diamond central station certified monitoring protects your investment in property and people.

Are you interested in the peace of mind a comprehensives commercial security system can provide you? For a free consultation with one of our professional installers, call us at 516-433-6960 or contact us now. We look forward to hearing from you!