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3 Ways a Professional Installation Enhances Your Building Security

You’ll Understand Why a Professional Security System Is Worth It After Reading This.

Sometimes, before a disaster strikes, taking a cookie-cutter approach to your building security seems sufficient. You might rationalize your purchase by thinking that your incomplete security suite is better than nothing. However, picture that something happened to your office today when you’re miles away on a business trip. Would that mediocre front door camera and lone fire alarm make you feel confident in your employees’ safety?

At Lowitt Alarms, we don’t want you to ever question the safety of your employees, data or property. That’s why we install top-to-bottom security tools that we can monitor 24/7. Our professional installations mean that you never have to second-guess whether your building security will stand ready for a crisis. Keep reading to see Lowitt can reinforce your office’s safety.

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Lowitt Alarms has been providing world-class, award-winning security to homeowners and business owners since 1969. We’ve not only earned the community’s trust but also the New York Fire Department certified. We received this approval through difficult, detailed testing that ensures that we thoroughly understand fire safety codes and equipment.

Comprehensive Security Tools

At Lowitt Alarms, we look at security through every possible angle. We don’t stop at the basics like fire and burglary protection because we think of security in broader terms, by looking at everything that could go wrong with your office and strategizing how to avoid those mishaps. We manage high-and-low temperature detection, carbon monoxide monitoring, mobile device notifications, flood and water monitoring, and open/close reporting for all your business’ access points.

As safety professionals, we strive to give you all of the relevant safety information you need upfront, to continually update you, and to jump in to help you during a crisis.

Additional Support

Many companies install commercial security products, but products often prove inadequate in a true emergency, especially if people aren’t nearby or otherwise too distraught to take proper action. We believe it’s our business to protect our customers, a value we’ve held during our fifty years in business: That’s why we also reinforce all security measures with a 24/7/365 staffed emergency team that takes calls when you need them. Our monitoring center holds CSAA’s 5-Diamond Certification, proving our commitment to service, testing and setting industry standards.

Did you know that comprehensive systems like ours could also save you money? If you needed yet another reason to explore business security, you’ll likely see lower insurance premiums: Some businesses pay up to 20% less for their policies.

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Your business deserves a reliable building security provider who not only installs and supports your devices, but also professionally monitors your property and watches for alerts. Leave the security to us, so that you can refocus on managing your business. Ready to protect your office and resources from any safety disaster? Call us at 516-433-6960 or contact us here to get started.