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How an Access Control System Increases Building Security

Have complete control over who’s coming and going from your business location

If you manage a large building or business with high traffic volume, numerous employees and several vendor services, monitoring building security can spiral into a logistical nightmare. Without a sophisticated building surveillance system, there’s no way to track and control everyone coming and going. And this lack of tracking can lead to accidental oversight of suspicious activity and security breaches.

Luckily, a high-tech access control and surveillance system from DMP can help you manage all your building’s security in one comprehensive solution. Keep reading to learn more.

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DMP Offers a Comprehensive Building Security Solution

DMP combines security management software with physical security hardware to provide an all-in-one access control and surveillance solution for businesses. The main control panel is integrated with access control, fire alarm and intrusion capabilities. The system can equip up to 96 doors with electronic locks, proximity devices and card readers, keypads and request-to-exit devices. Every employee and person who uses the building gets a wireless keyfob to access doors and zones.

With management software that you can access on your computer or smartphone app, employers and managers are able to control the building’s access system from anywhere with an internet connection.

  • Supervise all building security and management in one place. Check the system’s status, grant or disable access, program schedules, set holiday dates, remotely lock or unlock doors and generate reports on traffic in and out of the building. Automate the system to send alerts to the appropriate person when specific actions are taken or attempted.
  • Instantly adjust access levels for people who have permission to be in the building. If employees are let go from the company or quit, there’s no need to collect their building keys or change the locks on the door. Instead, access can quickly be disabled, rendering the fobs useless.
  • Monitor when and where employees are coming and going from the building. Real-time reporting allows managers to detect suspicious activity, like an employee entering the building on a Sunday when they aren’t scheduled to work or an employee attempting to enter a restricted zone. Automate the system to alert the appropriate manager when unscheduled employees enter the building or when someone tries to open an area that they don’t have access to.

Lowitt Alarms Provides Managed Access and Control Services

Trust Lowitt Alarms to install your DMP building surveillance system. With a Lowitt Alarms installation, you’ll receive our professional monitoring services from our 5 Diamond Certified central monitoring station. We’ll provide 24/7 oversight of your building and swiftly alert the authorities when an alarm is triggered. We can also give you a full report on all system activity.

At Lowitt Alarms, we have the full range of security solutions your business needs to be protected. Call us today at 516-433-6960 for a free estimate on a custom solution. Or leave your contact information in our