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3 Signs Your Office Might Need a Security System Update

Is Security the Missing Piece of Your Business?

People tend to overestimate their safety in most situations, including the workplace. All it takes is one incident, like a fire in a neighborhood office or a burglar on the loose, to make us question how safe we are at work.

Often when incidents happen, it’s because of one crack in the overall safety and surveillance system that someone didn’t address - like a remote access system that was easy to hack or a fire alarm system that doesn’t meet code (we only install systems that are up to code). Or maybe even a missing low temperature detection system - leading to frozen pipes at a closed office and expensive maintenance costs.

When you own a business, your employees’ safety falls on you. Employees worried about security while working will likely be less productive, which can in turn result in lost revenue.

Is your business as well protected as you think it is? Safety has become even more important than ever. Keep reading to see if you’ve missed a vital step somewhere in your security system implementation.

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Sign #1: Many of Your Employees Are Still Working Remotely

Maybe your office has become a partly remote team, and that arrangement is working out better than you might have imagined a year ago. Perhaps you only plan to bring a few employees back who prefer working in office, and you might even consider an office-building downgrade.

The adage, “There is safety in numbers” rings true. If you’ve planned a part-time or partial staff return, maybe you’ve worked out an agreement where everyone works from home on predetermined days, let’s say Monday and Wednesday. Criminals might note the pattern they find. They see that no one’s car is in the parking lot on those two days and attempt to burglarize or vandalize your property then. This is especially frightening for the stray employee who retreats to the otherwise-quiet office that day.

In this case, you’re going to need a fully integrated security system to identify threats and respond in seconds. Managers and authorized personnel can access the system whenever (and from anywhere) to see who’s in the building, lock doors, and arm the whole office in seconds.

Sign #2: You Plan to Resume Full In-Person Operations

On the flip side, maybe you need the collaboration you enjoyed when your team was in the office and want them to return sooner. Perhaps you also plan to hire more people and expect them to work in-office once the pandemic restrictions ease.

Is your security system ready for them? New employees mean new security codes, cards, or fingerprint scans for your access control system. Perhaps you have the same team with no plans to hire more staff, but if you’ve been at home for a year and a few months, you’ve likely become complacent about your office security.

Old systems don’t scale well, so if you haven’t installed security in a couple of years, you’re probably not ready to add new technology. High-end security brands run hardware and software updates all the time, providing compatibility with new devices and solutions.

Sign #3: It’s Been a While Since You’ve Had a Service Check

The “If it’s not broke, don’t fix it!” mentality doesn’t apply to well-running security and surveillance tools. Many business owners have been sidetracked during the past year that they’ve forgotten about maintenance checks. We understand and have an affordable, comprehensive plan to help you. Lowitt Alarm’s Service Plans Plus gives you reliable service, parts and labor coverage, a free tune-up, and convenient billing. Plus, we test your signals to our monitoring station to make sure they go through when you need them most.

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