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3 Different Features Your Keycard Can do That Your Keys Can’t

Expand Your Business’ Control with Access Card Control

If you run a business on Long Island, NY you have a number of priorities, like budgeting your money, keeping customers satisfied, and protecting your employees and assets. Have you considered access card control to help monitor your employees? The reality is you that have to take precautions no matter how much you trust your staff. Giving employees keycards or keyfobs instead of keys can make a huge difference.

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1. Get everyone inside the building faster.

Have you considered how long it takes the average person to unlock a door using a key? First the individual has to dig in his or her pockets for keys, then the person must find the correct key on the keychain and insert it into the door lock and turn the knob. What if all your employees had to do was wave a card or keyfob in front of a panel in order to release the door in a matter of seconds? Access control cards and keyfobs are easier to keep track of and allow much quicker access into the building. Your employees will never have to wiggle or jiggle the key in the door in order to get inside as just one swipe or wave in front of the access control panel is sufficient to gain entry.

2. Keep track of your employees entering and leaving the building.

We offer systems that allow our customers to create schedules and oversee when their employees access the building and even sensitive spaces within the building. As soon as an individual swipes his or her card at an access control door, the entry will be added to an event log that provides you with a detailed record of all personnel moving through your building. You can keep track of attendance, punctuality, and exactly when employees come and go through different areas of your building. If there are reports of suspicious activity you can refer to your event log to determine who has gained access to the area in question and when.

3. Give everyone different levels of access.

If you have specific rooms or spaces that should only be accessed by certain individuals, access control is the perfect solution for maintaining security. In the corporate offices of many of our clients, only executives can access rooms with important files and only IT staff members can enter computer network areas. With our access control systems, you can design a system in which every individual is granted a specific level of access.

One of the best features of our access control systems is that they can be combined with a security system providing our clients with one integrated security solution. The security system and the access control doors can be tied into one system so you can monitor all of the activity in your office through a single app. Success starts with knowledge and analysis. Once you have the data you can make changes and improve your company. To add access control to your building, fill out our online form.

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