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Why Smart Home Fire Alarm Systems Are Essential Tech for Your Home

The Benefits of New Fire Alarm Technology

As smart home technology continues to improve the way we live, nothing could be more practical than using it to upgrade your home’s fire alarm system.

There is always a risk that a fire could break out inside your home. Having an integrated alarm system that is connected to a monitoring center and your smartphone can keep your family safe and greatly minimize property damage.

The latest design in smoke/carbon monoxide detectors can detect rises in temperature and CO and are connected to your smart home network. This innovation not only notifies you immediately but has also led to vastly increased response times by local fire departments.

When a smart home fire alarm/CO system has been added to their home, our customers have felt safer knowing that their personal property is protected while they are away and that their loved ones can be evacuated at a moment’s notice while they’re at home.

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Newer, Monitored Fire Alarm Systems Are Simply Safer

According to a report by the National Fire Protection  Association (NFPA) issued in 2019, homes with faulty or non-working smoke alarms were the cause of three out of every five home fire deaths in American homes.

In addition, much of the furniture being bought today is made of synthetic material that causes fire to spread more rapidly. The NFPA recommends that every bedroom and hallway have a smoke alarm installed.

The vast majority of older smoke alarms are unmonitored and simply make a noise when smoke is detected. If you happen to have a large house, the alarm might not be loud enough to be heard in other parts of your home. Of course, if you’re not even home to hear the alarm, your property is without protection completely.

Older, unmonitored alarm systems also can’t help those who can’t help themselves, like the elderly, infants, or pets, and they certainly don’t do anything for someone who has been incapacitated by inhaling too much smoke. Outdated, unmonitored CO detectors prove extremely hazardous as well since carbon monoxide nearly has no other way to be noticed. Ensure that you never leave you and your family vulnerable to this silent danger.

At Lowitt Alarms, we install combined smoke/CO detectors in one unit that are connected to your home network so that you and your monitoring system are immediately notified and can contact the fire department and other emergency services right away.

And instead of having to struggle to silence an older alarm that might be on the ceiling, you can simply use your smartphone to silence alarms if you determine that there is no real danger.

When choosing to integrate your home’s fire alarm/CO system, you’ll be afforded 24-hour monitoring where personnel can call you to verify an emergency when a heat, smoke, or CO sensor has been triggered. And even if the monitoring service can’t connect to you, they’ll be able to dispatch the fire department to your home right away.

Ensure Your Home’s Fire Alarm System Is Up-to-Date

Our trained technicians test every smoke, heat, and carbon monoxide sensor we install to make sure your monitoring and alarm system has the fastest response time possible. For a free consultation with one of our professional installers, call us at 516-433-6960 or contact us here.