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How Smart Technology Is Keeping Families Safe

Knowing What’s Going on at Home Even When You’re Far Away

Using your smart home technology as a security system is undoubtedly one of the most practical applications of such technology.

Our clients rely on Lowitt Alarms’ managed access control system to give them total peace of mind, knowing that their family, as well as their property, is being fully protected. Keep reading below to find out more about this service!

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Protecting Your Family and Your Home

Now that many kids are home-schooled while most of us still have to go to work – knowing what’s going on with our family is more important than ever.

With Total Connect, you’ll be able to choose settings on your app that send you alerts by text or email when certain events occur.

Another advantage of the app is being able to arm or disarm your security system from a distance. You’ll also be alerted if someone else has done so.

Or say a colleague or friend needs to retrieve something from inside your home. You can simply disarm your system and unlock the door from your app and lock and rearm your house after they leave.

Smart Home Security Keeps Your Kids Safe (While Encouraging Good Behaviour)

One of the difficulties of modern life is that we often find ourselves away from home and not able to monitor our children the way we’d like to.

Of course, children need independence, but it helps when you have safeguards in place to encourage them towards good behaviour.

With the right security system, you’ll be able to know immediately whether your child is leaving the house or just getting home. That way, you’ll know that your child isn’t out doing something they shouldn’t be doing.

Rather than being overbearing, it gives them and you the peace of mind that you’ll both know when they got home and if they were on time or not.

We can also set up other items in your house so that you get an alert if your children are messing with something they shouldn’t, like a safe or a liquor cabinet.

Rather than worrying and hoping your children will listen, you simply bypass these problems and let the technology serve as a deterrent. They stay safe, and you feel secure.

Let’s Find Out the Kind of Smart Home Security System That’s Right for You

Once we’ve installed your managed access control system, our technicians will test every wireless connection to ensure your home and family are fully protected. For a free consultation with one of our professional installers, call us at 516-433-6960 or contact us now.