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Why Open/Close Reporting Is an Integral Part of Your Business Alarm Setup

Know When Employees Enter and Leave Your Establishment

People are finally returning to in-office work, providing opportunities for managers to get the team back together for added collaboration. And if you work in any service industry, you’ve likely been running this whole time with added precautions. In either case, you are probably wondering what your business alarm and security system needs for optimal safety.

Enter open/close reporting, a system that tracks when employees access your building. The solution syncs every door with reporting software that tells you exactly when someone has opened an entryway to either enter or leave – meaning when your system has been armed or disarmed. We’ll describe three reasons why open/close reporting helps business owners maintain safe office spaces below.

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Track Employees

At first, this may seem like the most obvious reason to invest in open/close reporting, but there’s more to the system than meets the eye. Access reporting comes in handy when management is still working from home and wants to monitor when and for how long employees are working in-office. Maybe you have an employee on a performance improvement plan for tardiness. They have promised to come in to work every day at 9 a.m. sharp, but the entry reporting tracks them consistently arriving one hour later. Open/close reporting helps you collect data to justify performance management decisions.

This concept applies to contractors, too. If housekeeping only stayed 30 minutes, you might question how well they’re cleaning the facilities. Similarly, if maintenance stays nine hours to fix a minor issue, you might look into why that job took so long.

Know Who Enters Your Building

Not only can this solution help you keep track of when employees enter and exit, but you can also monitor guests and unwanted visitors. For example, if you host an employee get-together, you’ll open your doors to employees’ family members, too. Open/close reporting offers a chance to weed out anyone that tried to manipulate their way into the building, such as burglars and ex-employees.

Learn and Change Armed/Disarmed Status

Since open/close reporting links to your entryway alarm systems, this solution can also arm and disarm in one button press. The safest businesses will feature open/close reporting on every door, not just the main entries and exits. Some clients even attach alarm sensors to windows for extra protection.

You can check every door or entryway to see if it’s armed or disarmed and change the status for any reason. Perhaps authorized personnel got locked out because they forgot a PIN number. Disarm the front door to allow access in seconds.

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