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5 Reasons to Incorporate Access Control in Your Building

Enhance Your Business Security by Better Managing Who Enters and Leaves

You don’t need to deal with high-end items or classified information to benefit from a comprehensive access control system for your business. From a retail store to a typical office environment, our custom solutions can serve a variety of functions for you and your employees including enhanced efficiency and protection. In this blog, we go into more detail on five great ways to use access control in your business.

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Manage Access to Important Areas

The main purpose of our systems is to monitor all your primary access points and vulnerable areas. You can choose the way you want to do that whether it’s through a keycard, mobile app or personalized code. Below are some areas that should be included in a professional access control system:

  • Main Entry Ways and Lobbies
  • Gates and Garage Doors
  • Storage and Server Rooms
  • Bathrooms
  • Freezers
  • Turnstiles

Use Access Cards to Monitor Attendance

Your access control can be used to see clock in and clock out times. Since employees are using unique codes or cards every time they enter and leave the property, it’s an easy way for you to track the hours they are working. Employees also don’t have to waste valuable time clocking in and out of their shifts once they arrive. Since this data is automatically fed into the system, no employee needs to take on the role of logging and checking employee hours.

Create Individualized Access Rules

The other benefit of individualized cards and codes is that you can restrict access. In a warehouse, only managers can enter the office with valuable files and safes. In an office environment, only higher-ups can unlock server rooms and conference rooms. You can also place limitations based on time, so you don’t have to worry about employees returning to your property after-hours unless they have explicit permission from you.

Delegate Important Security Tasks

By working with a professional like Lowitt Alarms, you can outsource a lot of your security responsibilities. Instead of having to manage your system, our experts can do it for you. This can significantly reduce the on-site personnel needed from a data or IT standpoint. Not only do we offer ongoing monitoring services from our 5-Diamond Certified Central Monitoring Facility, but we also offer 24-7 support and maintenance so you can rest assured knowing your system is working at all times. As part of our support services, we offer off-site storage and backup of all your critical business data.

Create a Better Work Environment

Employees working after hours will also feel safer with a strong access control system in place. By creating a more comfortable work environment, your employees can focus on productivity instead of safety. For those with standalone offices, giving them individual access to their space will also help them avoid interruptions when they’re completing important tasks.

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