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Season by Season: Why Your Home Needs a Water Detection System

Winter, spring, summer or fall — every season can bring new risks for leaks and water damage

Water damage and its accompanying horrors — mold, mildew, insects, property damage and expensive renovations — are inconvenient any time of year. And unfortunately, there is no safe time where leak isn’t likely to occur. Not only can a leak develop in your home at any time, but each season brings new risks for flooding and water damage.

But installing a water detection system that monitors your home and notifies you when water levels reach dangerous levels can reduce your risk of significant damage from leaks. Keep reading to learn how water detection sensors provide value year-round.

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Winters are cold and snowy, with low temperatures that can dip into the single digits. During this time of year, freezing and fluctuating temperatures become a huge issue in the average household. When water freezes, it expands and places increased stress on the pipes. The pressure can be more than enough to crack or burst a water pipe in your home and cause significant leaking and structural damage.

Additionally, this is the time of year when many people escape to their second homes to wait out the winter cold. If a pipe bursts while you’re away, you may not realize the damage until you return home — which could be weeks or months away.

A burst pipe is bad enough, but the situation becomes even worse if you have no idea a leak occurred. While some leaks cause visible water damage immediately, not all leaks are apparent right away. That’s where smart water detection is extremely valuable. Once the sensor detects a leak, the system will send an instant alert to your smartphone so that you can jump into action before the damage worsens.


With heavy rains in the spring come the increased risk of rainwater runoff, water-clogged gutters and cracks in the roof that could worsen into a serious leak. If you have a basement, runoff could seep into your house’s foundation, causing problems like mold, mildew and insects. And if you’re not in the basement often, the damage could build up for several weeks without notice. Unless, of course, you have flood sensors that can notify you when water levels are found in your home.


With summer comes the chance to take vacation time to spend a few relaxing weeks at the beach or in the mountains with your family. But there’s nothing that will ruin the summertime mood faster than coming home to water damage from a leaky pipe, burst washing machine hose or broken dishwasher seal. While you’re on vacation, rest easy knowing that water detection sensors are monitoring your home and will alert you at the first sign of a leak.


Fall is the most active time of year for damaging nor’easters and hurricanes to wreak havoc on the East coast. August through October are the busiest hurricane months. And while nor’easters can occur any time of year, they’re most likely to start hitting more frequently and aggressively in the fall. Big storms with high winds, torrenting rains and flying debris can leave significant leaks and water damage in their wake. Make sure your water detection system is in place to alert you to the first sign of dangerous water levels.

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