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Strengthen Your Security with Remote Monitoring Features

Know What’s Going on in Your Home No Matter Where You Are

There are two primary goals of a security system. The first one is prevention. You’ve installed locks and gates to make it hard for someone to come in unannounced. The other part of the equation is monitoring. You have sensors, cameras, fire and carbon monoxide detectors that let you know if anything is off in your Long Island home. In this blog, we highlight three remote monitoring capabilities that can strengthen your security system.

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Stay Connected With a Smart Security App

Have a nagging feeling that you didn’t lock all the doors or set the alarm when you left the house? You no longer have to drive home to make sure. Pull up your smart security app no matter where you are to check in on your house. From the app, you can see if the doors are locked and the system is armed. If not, you can make the necessary changes directly from your phone.

If you have a babysitter or housekeeper visiting while you’re not there, you can use those same features to let them in remotely without having to leave a key under the mat. See who’s coming and going by looking on your app to see when specific access codes were used throughout the day. You can also set up personalized security alerts so you don’t miss anything along the way. Receive alerts when someone uses their code, the fire alarm goes off, or someone sets off your burglar alarm.

Take Advantage of Geo-Fencing Technology

You can also automate some of these remote monitoring features through a technology known as geo-fencing. Using your smartphone, your security system can gauge where you are in relation to a pre-set virtual perimeter. Once you leave your perimeter, your security system can send you an alert reminding you to lock the doors or set your alarm. It can also make those changes automatically, so all doors lock and the system is activated whenever you leave your geo-fence.

You can also use this geo-fencing for a seamless transition when you get home. By the time you pull into the driveway, your system recognizes you’ve arrived and unlocks the door and disarms the alarm so you can walk right in. You set the geo-fencing rules and perimeter that make sense for you; you can even set time limitations, so that your geo-fencing features are only activated during certain hours of the days.

Get Peace of Mind with Professional Monitoring

The biggest benefit of using a security installer instead of relying on DIY devices is that you always have a group of professionals monitoring your home as well. The experts at our UL-Listed 5 Diamond Certified Monitoring Station are trained to respond quickly to any emergency signals coming from one of our security systems. Located right on Long Island, we are intimately familiar with the region and know the best ways to get help out to your home immediately.

There will always be an operator available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year to respond to any emergencies. Our operators are the heart of our business, and we’ve given them the latest monitoring technology so they have the right tools to help you during an emergency. Beyond notifying the necessary authorities, they will also help you and your loved ones through any difficult situation. Our priority is being there in your time of need and will stay on the line until your issue is resolved.

To make sure your family is protected at all times, you need a custom security system with strong monitoring and prevention features. Do you think your current system could use an upgrade? Call us at 516-433-6960 for a free consultation or contact us online.