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Remote Services

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Remote Services


Entré Access


Take total control of your security system with Entré Access Control and Security Management software, giving users fast, simple point-and-click control over every aspect of their security system.


Entré features and intuitive graphical user interface for system monitoring and control. All security management activities are combined in a single high-functioning platform. As a network system, it lets you see any managed facilities wherever they are located from anywhere the operator has an Internet connection.


Entré is well-suited to banks, retailers and other organizations that monitor multiple locations and or systems. It is available in three system size options with, with one suitable for almost every facility or organization. Entré Enterprise, the largest version, can be used with an unlimited number of XR500 Series panels and can manage an unlimited number of access points and users.



DMP Virtual Keypad


DMP now offers the Virtual Keypad™ App providing Apple® iPhone/iPad and Android owners with the ability to access a number of security system keypad functions remotely via cellular or network connection. The App allows users to remotely control lights, thermostats, door locks, appliances, cameras, and more via an easy-to-use interface along with standard features such as arming/disarming, checking status, area arming and output control. Not to mention, branding capabilities for dealers to insert their logo, contact details and social media icons.


Extend the life and expand the capabilities of older panels by adding the power of the CellComSLC & CellComSLCZ cellular communication. With this simple communications add-on, almost every panel can take advantage of revenue-building remote system management and control features.


  • CellComSLC enables basic remote panel control via Virtual Keypad APP
  • Provides end user alerts of arming/disarming, alarm, and other events
  • Compatible with all panels that support Contact ID
  • Add Z-Wave features with CellComSLCZ