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2 Situations Where You’ll Be Thankful to Have Smart Flood Sensors

Save thousands of dollars on water damage by investing in flood sensors

According to a report by Verisk Analytics’ Insurance Services Office (ISO), the number of water damage claims filed by homeowners has risen steadily in recent years. Between 2013-2017, approximately one in 50 homeowners filed a claim each year. Industry experts agree that water damage is just as prevalent as the numbers make it out to be.

You may worry about preparing for natural weather dangers like severe rainstorms and snowstorms, but are you prepared for the everyday threat you may face in your home from a leak or flood? Investing in smart flood sensors that monitor your home and alert you when water levels get too high can protect your property and valuables from water damage.

Keep reading to learn about two situations where a flood detection system can keep you from drowning in damages.

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You Own a Second Property or Vacation Home

A vacation home is the perfect escape when you need to need to step outside normal life. But while you’re visiting your second property, who’s keeping an eye on your home? If you spend weeks or even months at a vacation house, you may not realize there’s been a flood or leak at home until it’s too late. By that point, your valuables may have suffered from expensive or irreparable water and mold damage.

A flood detection system can prevent thousands of dollars’ worth of damage to your goods and property. Invest in a custom system from Lowitt Alarms to watch over your home while you’re away. We’ll place sensors around the home to alert you via smartphone when water levels are too high. The flood detectors will also alert our 5 Diamond Certified central monitoring station, where our service representatives will take immediate action to get help.

An Unexpected Emergency Occurs at Home

The fact is, an emergency could occur at any time. A frozen pipe could burst during winter. An aging plumbing system could erupt with the flush of a toilet. The washing machine hose may spring a leak during the spin cycle on any given Saturday morning.

Floods and leaks can be disruptive on many levels. You may end up paying costly repairs for water damage and some repairs may be so extensive you have to relocate to a hotel or another home during the process. You could also end up losing materials that hold financial or sentimental value in the damage.

In these cases, a flood detection system allows you and your family to take immediate action to prevent a bad situation from worsening. Whether you’re at home, out running errands or away for a long weekend, have peace of mind knowing that your smart sensor system will alert you at the first sign of trouble.

Trust the professionals at Lowitt Alarms to help you safeguard your home from all kinds of emergencies. If you’re interested in flood sensors, our techs can help you determine how many you’ll need in your home and where the best placement is. Call us at 516-433-6960 or fill out our online form to receive a free estimate.