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Know Your Home is in Good Care at All Times

A Remote Monitoring System Can Give You a Peace of Mind

Whether you’re traveling away from home for a day or a week, leaving your house empty can seem like you’re making it vulnerable to intruders.

Now you don’t have to stress as you prepare to go on a trip or vacation! A home monitoring system can guarantee your property is safe hands while you’re gone.

Read on below to see how we can offer you the best security services and give you peace of mind as you leave your home for any amount of time.


Constant Care

Our convenient service, Total Connect, lets you control your system from no matter where you are – right in your own home or miles and states away.

You only need one centralized source to maintain your home’s safety. Press a single button on your smart device to turn on your entire alarm and security system, and to then turn it off.

Make changes or adjustments with ease – your home’s security options will all be in your hands. You can let in your housekeeper or dog walker by simply turning off the system remotely. Then you can reactivate the alarm when they are gone to secure your home.

Even while you’re gone, you’ll have complete control over your home’s protection and can monitor its status any time you want.

An Alarm for Any Situation

Installing a variety of alarms in your home is key.

To make sure your home is absolutely safe, you’ll need both fire and smoke detection alarms as well as water and flooding detection alarms.

Burglar alarms also allow you to rest assured that your entire property is taken care of while you’re away, as it always keeps unwanted guests at bay.

You can set your system to alert and notify you immediately if any issues pop up, or if any alarm goes off or detects something is wrong.

Wireless Monitoring

We work with wireless home monitoring solutions and radio backup options so you don’t have to worry about your system going down due to an outage or from an intruder cutting your phone lines.

Your system will always be ready to send a wireless signal to our UL Five Diamond Monitoring Facility, and we’ll make sure there’s never a time when your alarms aren’t working and protecting your home.

Want to learn even more about our home monitoring system, and how it can make sure you keep your house and whole property safe at all times?

Give us a call or fill out our online contact form to schedule a no-obligation consultation with our team. We’d love to hear from you!