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Have You Fully Protected Your Office Entryways?

Add access control, window sensors and more to your commercial security solution.

Doors and windows safeguard everyone and everything inside a home or office. Once that boundary gets crossed, an unhinged criminal has more opportunities to wreak havoc. For this reason, we always recommend looking at your commercial security solutions from the outside in: Specifically, we at Lowitt Alarms dedicate plenty of attention to reinforcing your entryways.

We’ll discuss some considerations that people often overlook when reinforcing door security, as well as access control options. Read on to see if you’ve optimally protected your entryways, and if not, how Lowitt Alarms can help.

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Secure Doors and Windows, Your Way

Physical keys can entail quite a bit of hassle. They get lost frequently, and often take a few times to fit just right. They’re also often prone to theft, as people tend to hide them in the most predictable spots, like in windowsills or under mats. And dismissed employees could refuse to return them after getting laid off, meaning you have to pay to change your locks. When you’ve decided that it’s time to ditch the metal key system, you have many options. Let’s look at a few today.

Key cards -

Those accustomed to old-fashioned keys might find a key card an intuitive change. Though you still have to remember your card to enter the building, they keep you and employees much safer because you can deactivate them quickly, no lock change required.

PIN Numbers -

Don’t want yet another thing to keep up with? You can choose to implement PIN-enabled doorways. Employees just have to remember a number, and they’ll be inside the building in seconds. Anti-tamper lockout features deny access to anyone repeatedly trying to key in by guessing numbers.

Biometric Options -

Your most secure option requires no key or number recollection, but it does cost more. Biometric options, like face, finger or retina scans, employ technology like facial recognition to access control. A special camera will analyze employee’s features to see if they exist in the security database. Recognizable faces and scans can enter, while unrecognizable people will be denied access.

A Curated Combination -

Perhaps you want to enter the building with a key card but prefer to lock your internal rooms by PIN code. We understand that commercial security looks different depending on your company’s security requirements and employee preferences and can install a multifaceted system that delivers.

Don’t Forget These Steps!

Once you’ve picked your access control option and had Lowitt Alarms install it, you’re done thinking about your entryways, right? Not quite.

First, if you select the key card option, we recommend regular key auditing to count employee and visitor keys and ensure that none go missing.

We also recommend adding sensors and connected alarms to first-floor windows so that you will know as soon as a break-in occurs. Outdoor lighting intimidates anyone trying to sneak around in the dark, so draw a clear pathway to doors while highlighting your cameras and scanners.

Furthermore, you can monitor door openings and closings so that you have all the contextual information you need to take appropriate action. For example, you can find out right away if a former employee enters the building because you forgot to deactivate his or her key card, and then can deactivate it immediately.

Ready to reinforce your door and window safety? To get started with a free consultation, give us a call at 516-433-6960 or fill out our contact form. We look forward to protecting your company and people.