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Don’t Wait to Add a Fire Protection System to Your Office or Property

Learn Why You Can’t Afford to Skip This Solution

Fire events serve as a sobering reminder that when flames spread, they spread quickly, harming countless people and buildings in their wake. Though we at Lowitt Alarms like to share our knowledge about fire safety throughout the year, we place special emphasis on the subject during this month. Plus, fire risks ramp up in the winter months, so take time to prepare now.

Just like you would add a complete fire protection system to your home, make sure that you take care of your work family and commercial property, too. In fact, this solution might take priority even before the year’s end. We’ll explain why now is the time to install commercial fire security and, lastly, why you should trust our FDNY-listed experts at Lowitt Alarms with the project.

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Winter Poses Unique Threats

The winter months of December, January, and February rank highest in terms of fire risk. One culprit is our increased need to heat our spaces when temperatures dip outdoors. Think about it: how many times has someone sneaked a space heater under their desk, even one that was not approved for office use? Space heaters, which account for about two out of every five fires, pose more fire risk than any other piece of equipment within an indoor environment, so ensure that every space heater has an automatic shut-off, for starters.

Another risky device is anything that cooks food over a heated surface, such as an oven or grill. If you own a restaurant business or any other commercial space with an eatery (or full kitchen), you should know that your business is more vulnerable during the winter. Not only are you using more heating and cooking devices that may be placed too close to flammable materials, but your actual building materials dry out during the winter, allowing any fire that starts to spread instantly. It also makes sense that the more people you’re bringing back into the office, the greater your risk is of commercial fires.

Why Lowitt Alarms?

Our FDNY listing unquestionably sets us apart from other service providers. The FDNY listing requires superior knowledge of fire security protection, proven through intense testing and strict adherence to safety protocols. We earned this acclaimed FDNY approval so that you would feel safe trusting us for your planning, installation, maintenance, and service needs. Knowing the ins and outs of safety codes helps us respond to higher-risk seasons with the expertise and empathy you’ve come to expect from your community fire protection professionals.

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