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Curious About Our Service Plans?

Find Out What Our Award-Winning Security System Company Covers Below

Security entails more than the installation. In fact, when people try to DIY their home security projects, one of the most significant missing pieces is the careful attention to service that comes with a security system company partnership. Even the most skillfully installed setups can run into minor hiccups that lead to costly repairs.

The solution? We recommend our comprehensive Service Plan Plus. Read below to learn more about what we cover with this top-grade offering.

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Normal Wear and Tear

Even in the best-case scenarios, it’s likely that something minor goes wrong with your security system over time. This normal wear and tear can lead to an easily preventable system breakdown. Our alarm system plan covers your entire system and includes parts, labor, and an annual tune-up. In addition, you’ll have access to our highly trained technicians and can ask them any questions you may have.

Replacement Parts

If we see that you need a replacement part for anything, we’ll install it for you. Here’s the difference between us and other security system companies, though: we will replace it with a brand-new part. That might sound obvious, but what many homeowners don’t know is that most competitors use something refurbished, adding more risk to the process. Who wants old components in their home when they’re trying to optimize their systems for longer life?

Free Battery Replacement and Signal Check

Security systems rely on up-to-date batteries to keep your home safe, so we monitor the battery performance of every battery-powered device during our service visits. It’s also vital that your devices connect to our 24/7 monitoring center so that we can ensure you have a clear signal, so you’ll be prepared to call us at any time.

An Annual Fire Inspection

At Lowitt Alarms, we pride ourselves on our adherence to fire code guidelines. The counties we service often maintain that fire safety companies should provide one annual fire inspection.

But when you’re working with us, you get more personalized service during that fire inspection as well as our friendly, expert advice and support. Our attention to detail has awarded us the distinguished FDNY’s listing as an approved company, proving our unparalleled standards when installing and servicing the community’s best fire systems.

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