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3 Must-Know Benefits of a Motion Detector System

Catch Criminal Activity Before It Escalates!

More than 1 million burglaries are committed in the U.S. per year, according to the FBI. Though that statistic might feel shocking, a whopping 85% of those are committed by amateurs, which means their strategy is wide open for error. Whether you’re catching a novice or experienced criminal, both become derailed by motion detectors. Why? Motion detector systems find suspicious activity before it causes harm. Then, the system communicates with your alarms to ensure that they will sound if the behavior escalates.

At Lowitt Alarms, we design and install motion detectors that sync with our Total Connect systems so you can deter criminals at every step. Keep reading to see how this early detection protects your family.

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The Past Is the Past - Or Is It?

One of the prevailing burglary myths is that each house can only get burglarized once. Criminals capitalize on this assumption by re-invading a property shortly after their first offense. Think about it: What do homeowners typically do after someone has stolen valuables? You replace them, right? Burglars know this, and that often encourages them to return. Total Connect-integrated motion detector systems catch them in the act by noting any motion that’s outside the ordinary. If someone lingers in front of a door or window for too long, for example, your detection devices will signal your alarms to activate, scaring the invader.

Enjoying the Present

The holiday season is full of joy, family, and celebration, but it leaves you more vulnerable to many types of criminal activity, from porch piracy to invasion when you’re not home. The USPS estimates that they’ll deliver at least 800 million packages between Thanksgiving and New Years’ Day. When you combine that fact with the knowledge that more than one-third of Americans have had packages stolen off their porch, you might be convinced to install motion sensors just in time for the holidays.

Future Proofing Your Home

Through our 50+ years of business, we’ve seen that burglary trends respond to current social and political environments. For example, a 2021 NYPD report found that burglaries declined 9.4% compared to the same week in 2020. Burglaries have also declined for the entire year of 2021 to date by 12.8% from this period in 2020. We never know what the future holds, and the pandemic is far from over, so future-proof your home so that you’ll remain safe in unstable times.

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