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3 Ways a Burglary Alarm System Will Protect Your Family

Complete Safety, Every Step of the Way

Though we’re confident that you feel safer within your home as soon as we complete our security system installation, you might not know how it works to protect you. We believe you deserve to know some of the steps your system takes to protect you so you can trust the process in the rare case of a break-in.

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Stop Them in Their Tracks

For many criminals, it only takes glancing at a sign or some other visible security device to evacuate the premises. We add warning signs to the front yard after each installation so that criminals know better than to enter your property.

Identify Movement with Motion Sensors

Alarms don’t sound out of nowhere - they’re triggered when something goes wrong. But what raises the first warning sign? Typically, it’s through motion sensors that criminal activity starts getting identified and solved. Integrated motion sensors installed on doors and windows throughout the property will be on standby and will watch for any action that looks unusual or suspicious.

Solve the Issue Through Ongoing Monitoring and Follow-Up

So, what happens next? When your motion sensors get triggered by unexpected movement, our monitoring facility will notify you immediately.

Best of all, we will continually monitor the situation so that you don’t have to, and we notify law enforcement when needed. Because we’ve thought of every contingency to keep you safe, we also install our security devices with a backup radio connection that will still signal our central monitoring station, even if you lose power.

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