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Why Your Company Might Need a New Managed Access Control System

Protecting Your Assets and Employees Is Always a Top Priority

Every business owner takes on the responsibility of protecting their customers’ information, their employees, their inventory, and their property. To safeguard your company’s assets, installing a security system that matches your specific needs is essential.

Lowitt Alarms has been installing commercial security systems for over 50 years and by using the latest in automation technology we can track a vast number of locations through a smartphone, tablet, or laptop, and immediately send out an alert when there is any attempt at unauthorized access.

This level of security is what a managed access control system can bring to your company building. Want to learn more? Gain peace of mind by reading below.

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Managed Access Control Systems Provide Total Security

The benefits of having an access control system over a traditional lock and key method are numerous. Physical keys are oftentimes lost or stolen – and replacing them is an expense and an inconvenience.

Installing keypads and using programmable identity cards, which can be deactivated and easily replaced, eliminates the security risk when an employee loses a set of keys. Another huge benefit of using keyless entry points is that by simply swiping a card, you can avoid having multiple people touching the same surface which, these days, is definitely on the mind of clients and employees.

This kind of security system tells your employees and clients that you are committed to their well-being.

And with separate identity cards, each can be programmed so that certain areas of each building or facility can only be accessed by certain individuals. In addition, our managed access control system allows you to remotely change employee access levels, or add an individual, whenever the need arises.

This is especially useful if you have recently terminated an employee who might not have taken their dismissal too well. Instead of having to worry if they turned their keys or their access card over, you can simply deactivate their card, preventing them from reentering the building.

The system will also track and monitor the specific comings and goings of employees and log all this information into a database that you can access at any time.

Preventing Break-Ins and Saving Money

Without the expense of hiring a 24-hour security team, Lowitt Alarms’ access systems are able to survey your employees and facilities around the clock and react immediately when any unwanted activity is detected, preventing theft or damage to your property from actually occurring in the first place.

With the installation of an access control system, you’ll also be able to save on insurance. Insurance companies offer discounts to businesses that invest in 24-hour monitored alarm systems. So be sure to consult with your business insurance to see what kind of discounts you qualify for.

Let’s Find Out the Kind of Security Access System That’s Right for You

Once we’ve installed your managed access control system, our technicians will test every wireless connection to ensure that every aspect of your business is fully protected. For a free consultation with one of our professional installers, call us at 516-433-6960 or contact us now.