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Why Small Businesses Need A Business Security System

Trust a professional to protect your business with these key features

Running a small business is challenging enough without having to worry about security. But every business owner needs to secure their property and their customer’s sensitive data, especially now that remote work has become the new normal, leaving office spaces empty and vulnerable to intrusion. Easily monitor your office space from anywhere with a remote access system.

Partnering with Lowitt Alarms will allow you to focus on the function of your business without cutting corners on security. Keep reading to learn three key features, such as a business security system, that a professional security company can implement.

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Burglary Prevention

Security systems include door, window, motion, and glass break sensors to ensure that your property is protected from any potential criminals. They also have panic buttons to protect you in the event of an emergency. With secure, innovative burglary prevention solutions, you’ll be able to stop theft or inventory loss from your business. These top-notch technologies from Lowitt Alarms allow you and your employees to monitor and protect your company at all times with ease.

Electronic Entryways

Most small businesses have a small staff; they don’t have a dedicated security person, and office administrators can’t waste time opening the door for delivery people. Access control solves these problems by controlling who comes in and out of your business. Electronic locks, two-way intercoms, and more can help you monitor who comes in and out of your building without wasting your time. To make access easy for staff, there are options for key-code entry systems, biometrics, card systems, and other easy-to-use access options. Ensure that you don’t have any physical breaches without having to hire a dedicated security worker.


Remote access control systems allow vital personnel to access the office using a key card, access code, or other convenient access methods. Manage who has access to your property no matter where you are in the world. For example, disarm the security system to let in the cleaning crew and reactivate it when they leave, all from the comfort of your home. Keyless entry systems are also much safer than traditional lock and key security. It is easy to copy a key, and if an employee leaves the company you will have to reprint your keys to ensure security. Revoking an access code costs nothing and is easy to do. Monitor your property from a centralized interface and seamlessly pull up records of access history so that you know who is entering your property at what time.

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