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Why Maintenance Is So Important for Your Smoke Detectors

An Emergency Is Too Late to Find Out You Have Faulty Equipment

Under the best-case scenario, you'll never have to use your smoke-carbon monoxide detector. That doesn't mean you should take it for granted, though, especially when it chirps or beeps. But even silence can be a problem, so it's essential not to get complacent when it comes to your family's safety.

How often are you checking to make sure it is working correctly? You don't want to wait until an emergency to find out, with smoke inhalation being the leading cause of death during fires and carbon monoxide, or CO, leaks becoming deadly within minutes. Below we highlight some best practices to ensure your home is protected in case of an emergency.

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How Often Should You Test Your Hardware?

Having routine checkups for your smoke and carbon monoxide detectors is the optimal way to ensure your equipment is working properly. Each year, you should have them formally tested by a security professional. In between these checks, personal signal tests should happen every month for smoke detectors, and preferably once a week for carbon monoxide detectors. Lowitt Alarms includes a yearly smoke-carbon monoxide check up with our service contracts.

Maintenance may also be needed in between regular checkups if you are out of the home for an extended period or if you notice any issues with the equipment. Never wait until your scheduled testing period if anything suspicious is happening with your sensors.

What Should You Look for if you are Self-Testing?

As for the tests themselves, there are a few things your security professional will check each time to ensure the equipment is still working and appropriately installed.

  • Does the alarm show any physical damage, dirt buildup or paint applications that may affect performance? Holes for ventilation should be clear of any obstruction
  • If the detectors are set off, do they activate a sound, and is a signal sent to the central monitoring station? Ensure the sound goes off for a variety of smoke tests instead of just manually setting off the alarm.
  • What power source are your smoke-carbon detectors using? Is the wiring adequately connected, and is the battery free of corrosion and leakage? Each maintenance check is also an excellent opportunity to replace batteries for optimal performance.

When Is the Ideal Time to Replace Your Equipment?

Service and maintenance shouldn’t result in replacing your smoke and carbon monoxide detectors every time. Failure of any sound alarm testing, physical damage, battery leakage and painted exterior cases are all good reasons to have new equipment installed.

Excessive dirt accumulation also hampers the ability for your detectors to function properly and since waters and cleaners will damage the equipment, replacement may be the best option.

By working with us to maintain your smoke-carbon detectors, you’ll be ready for any emergency. Want to upgrade to a security solution that includes ongoing maintenance services? All you have to do is give us a call at 516-433-6960 or contact us for more information.