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4 Ways to Optimize the Smoke Detectors in Your Home

Make it Easier to Protect Your Home with These Fire Alarm Tips

When it comes to protecting your family from harm, no part of your home security system is more important than your smoke detector and alarm. According to statistics from the NFPA, three in five fire deaths occurred in homes with no fire alarms or dysfunctional ones. It’s for this reason that Nassau County requires all of its residences to have functioning smoke detectors. In this blog, we highlight some ways you can optimize these detectors to protect your family.

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Install More than One Detector

You should have a smoke detector in all bedrooms, outside all sleeping areas, on each floor of your home—including the basement—and by stairways. Place them on the ceiling or high on the wall, but make sure detectors are never within 10 feet of cooking appliances as this raises the risk of false alarms. Make sure all your smoke detectors and your security alarm are interconnected. This way, if one of the detectors goes off, the entire family will be alerted so they can evacuate quickly.

Get a Monitored Smoke Detector

When installing a smoke detector, make sure that the company you’re working with is UL- certified which means they’re recognized by a national fire testing laboratory. The benefit of working with a professional is that you get a monitored solution. We monitor your detector and quickly dispatch an emergency response to protect your family and limit damages. You also receive a notification on your phone, so you’re advised of anything that happens in your home while you’re away.

Test out Your Detectors Regularly

To stay safe, you should test your alarm at least once a month and replace batteries regularly. If you have a monitored smoke detector, your security professional should take care of this test so they can confirm that their monitoring station received a message when the alarm went off. You should also clean your detectors at least once a year to keep them working properly. Don’t ever remove the battery unless you plan on replacing it immediately.

Go for a Hard-Wired Solution

Hardwired smoke detectors can be a great option since power doesn’t go out often in most homes. These usually come with backup batteries, so your home is still protected when the power goes out. Even if you have a hardwired solution, you should never ignore a low-battery alert or remove the battery from your alarm. You never know when the power may go out and leave your home vulnerable.

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