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Reasons You Will Want a Total Connect Smart Home

This System Brings You Real-Time Alerts and Remote Access

You hear many manufacturer and brand names come up with home security, but one of the most trusted sources is Honeywell’s Total Connect smart home system. Total Connect 2.0 gets plenty of recognition for its security features, but its remote access capabilities also let you control many of your home’s automated functions. Why does Lowitt Alarms install so many of these systems in this community? Read on for the top reasons.

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Custom Features

As we’ve learned from our 50 years in business, everyone who builds an integrated home has different priorities and ideas for their residence. That’s why we’re glad that Total Connect has plenty of customization features: We can adapt the system to each user.

Choose what information you want to learn from Total Connect, such as when the children arrive home, if your system has been armed or disarmed — or even something like whether a liquor cabinet has been opened or a valuable artwork has been moved. Plus, you can select how you want those notifications to come through: Some want to see a text message, while others want an email.

Remote Access

Though people staying at home might not think as much about remote access now, it will become a priority again as soon as semi-normal life resumes. As state and nationwide bans continue to lift, people will slowly return to work and travel.

All The Extras

A convenient, luxurious user experience is paramount when capturing today’s selective homeowner segment, and Honeywell’s Total Connect impresses clients with its broad ecosystem, Amazon Alexa-integrated voice control features and more. This system works with iOS (and Apple Watch) and Android devices alike.

Users can create smart scenes based on their time of day and desired activity. For example, if you log into Total Connect before you leave work, a scene you’ve programmed for returning home might unlock your door, lower your lights to optimize relaxation time and disarm your alarm system temporarily.

Best of all, Total Connect is backed by our award-winning monitoring solutions, which guarantee empathetic, 24/7/365 support. Whether you are facing an emergency or a non-urgent technology issue, you will receive our 5 Diamond Certified expertise and service.

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